Common Hair Washing Mistakes you didn’t know you’ve made

Hair-washing seems to be the easiest job on hand. But it is just the opposite. Often people make some common hair-washing mistakes without even realizing them. Are you aware of such mistakes?

If not, here’s a write-up on the common hair-washing mistakes you and others make:

Mistake # 1: Having a Daily Washing Routine for Hair

It is the gravest mistake you could ever commit. Why deprive the scalp with the essential natural oil by washing it away? Even if climatic condition is humid, stay away from the everyday hair-washing routine. 

Mistake # 2: Using Pricey Hair Care Products Only

It is a kind of myth. Pricey does not necessarily mean the best which applies for hair care cosmetic products. Remember, smooth and silky hair is a genetic blessing to a great extent. You can take care of your mane by following good habits of hair-washing and drying. This rule out dependence on expensive products. 

Mistake # 3: Forgetting to Comb Hair before a Shower

Never fail to brush hair before you take a shower. The hair follicles are weak when wet. When you try to untangle and smoothen hair while washing it results in hair breakage and splitting. Prior brushing will make your hair less vulnerable. 

Mistake # 4: Not Using Lukewarm Water for Shampooing 

Lukewarm water has an advantage. It helps to open up pores in the scalp which gets clogged due to dirt, grime, and sweat. Hence, shampooing off dirt particles become easier.

Mistake # 5:Not Draining Extra Water before Applying Hair Conditioner 

Hair conditioner works best when tresses are not too wet. The ideal thing to do would be to squeeze out extra water from hair before applying deep conditioneṛ (also called hair moisturizers). 

There are three important aspects to keep in mind. Apply conditioner only on the hair (more on the hair ends to keep it frizz-free) and not the scalp because it might clog the pores. Leave conditioner for about 5-8 minutes to secure good conditioning for hair. Rinse away the conditioner with cold water because it will help to lock back the goodness of conditioner and make your hair shine and glow. 

Mistake # 6: Are You Washing your Tresses or the Scalp?

It is indeed a million dollar question. Often do people end up applying shampoo on the hair ends and neglect the scalp. This is a crime because you are allowing bacteria-build up to enjoy their stay on the scalp. Take care of hair and the scalp without fail. Massage your scalp with care because the healthy scalp is the catalyst for the healthy growth of hair. 

Mistake # 7: Are You Making a Hair Bun on Top?

Do not pile up your tresses while shampooing because it can leave them tangled with knots. Untangling is difficult on weak hair – you know the result if you forcibly try to make hair knot-free. 

Mistake # 8: Rubbing to Dry off Hair after Washing

Never make the mistake of rubbing hair hard. Rather use a soft towel to dab it and squeeze excess water. 

The Final Advice 

Use hair care products which suits your hair and scalp type because your requirement might not match with others. Do not just blindly follow whatever has been said to you. Judge what suits you best and stick to the same hair care product. 

You should also have an idea about how long does (hair) moisturizer last? This will help you decide on the correct hair moisturizing or conditioning product.

Use good and nourishing hair oil before or after the shower to get the silky shine. Using the right kind of hair comb/ brush is also of significant importance. 

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