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A corporate gift product is many types of gift given by a company to employees, potential clients, charities, customers. It helps express appreciation on behalf of the company and also acts as a memento and a goodwill gesture. Gifts are affirming relationships and personal connections between clients and employees. The gift-giving is proven to increase business activity.

According to the Internal Revenue Service, the gift tax applies only to individuals that are peoples. Corporations do not pay the gift tax, nor do other entities such as partnerships, estates or trusts. 

Corporate gifts like recycled paper bag is an important tool in marketing communication. According to numerous surveys and most business gifts are given to major important clients and after that come, employees, then prospective clients. 

Role of gifts and incentives 

  • Very important in enhancing the company image. 
  • An important part of marketing to our loyal customers.
  • Support marketing activities. 
  • Used for brand promotion. 
  • Increase brand awareness. 
  • Quite important in general, and more important in thanking loyal customers. 


  • Most of some evidence relating corporate gift giving to increasing to the business activity and its after probable to the ability to make projections in your marketing plan.
  • Chances are won’t be expected to come up with any kind of data for this type of program and since the relationship-building pluses are pretty obvious, and the costs are relatively low. 
  • Paper bags can be recycled even if they have handles attached with adhesive does not contaminate paper recycling. Its handle is not made of paper, tear it off and then recycle paper bag.
  • Food items are very famous as corporate gifts. 
  • The ties in well too many holidays and can be taken home and enjoyed with friends and family. Still, sometimes gourmet baskets taking on a generic aspect.
  • It’s all very well to consider giving tender mail-order filet mignons just make sure your recipient isn’t a vegetarian.
  • Office-related items such as pen sets and desk blotters are safe bets that reflect practicality and good tastes.
  • Be careful though a good fountain pen is quite expensive and a cheap one is tacky. Useful caution when considering art prints and other decorative items because taste in office decor is a personal and for many strategic considerations.
  • Word of warning Cash is no as a corporate gift period. 
  • It’s uncreative raises ethical questions and looks like a bribe and no matter.

Gifts and incentives 

  • To recognize an effective gift strategy is it helps to understand what it isn’t. To start by making the distinction between corporate gift-giving and after the incentive programs.
  • Though gifts and incentive awards often involve similar types of recipients and differ on both a strategic and practical level.
  • The Incentives are awards for achieving levels of activity, such as sales quotas, safety improvements good attendance. In contrast, gifts are more and after less spontaneous not given as part of any defined arrangement between giver and recipient. 
  • The gift recipient doesn’t set goals in anticipation of a reward whereas the incentive recipient does.

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