Health Drinks For Kids – Know More To Make the Right Choice

Ensuring that children get all the nutrients that they need is a primary concern for most parents. This, however, gets difficult if yours are fussy eaters. Considering that the quality of produce is also an issue in urban areas, fulfilling the nutritional requirements of your child may become difficult on a daily basis. A great option in such a case would be to opt for a health drink for kids

Health drinks are a popular choice for nutrition supplementation as they taste good, come with the right balance of all essential nutrients, and can be consumed on the go. 

Why are Health Drinks Good For Children?

Besides being tasty and easy to consume, the best health drink for a child offers several benefits, such as:

  • Stronger bones: Calcium is the most important nutrient for children. Health drinks are a rich source of calcium in an easy-to-absorb form. Where milk alone fails to give your child enough calcium, mixing in a health supplement does the job as it also contains Vitamin D3, which boosts absorption of calcium in the bones.
  • Faster muscle development: Health drinks like Gritzo are rich in proteins. This protein is derived from whey milk protein and aids muscle development. For active children, protein-rich health drinks aid muscle growth, faster recovery, and improved muscle quality.  
  • Nutrition for the brain: Popular health drinks for kids, contain Omega-3 as an important ingredient. They feature a higher concentration of DHA which is a type of Omega-3 fatty acid, essential for brain development. This means better memory, better cognitive skills, and a sharper mind. 
  • Improved immunity: Health drinks come enriched with the goodness of vital vitamins such as Vitamin A, B, C, and D. These work as immune boosters for kids, keeping minor ailments, infections and diseases at bay. 
  • Better energy levels: Age-appropriate calorie intake is necessary for your child to stay energized, focused, and active all day. According to the Indian Council for Medical Research, the daily calorie requirement for children based on age is as follows:
4-6 years1350 calories
7-9 years1690 calories
10-12 years (Boy)2190 calories
10-12 years (Girl)2010 calories
13-15 years (Boy)2750 calories
13-15 years (Girl)2330 calories

Health drinks provide a large portion of the daily required calorie intake, making it easier to manage the nutritional needs of fussy eaters. 

How to Choose the Right Health Drink for Your Child

There are two main types of health drinks for kids, namely malt-based and milk-based drinks. Malt based drinks contain germinated barley powder or wheat powder. Milk-based drinks, on the other hand, contain skimmed milk powder or milk solids. The latter is not recommended if your child is lactose intolerant. 

In addition, there are other factors that you should take into account when choosing health drinks for your child:

  • Check the sugar content. The best health drink for a child contains natural sources of sugar. Gritzo, for instance, contains unrefined cane sugar which is safe. However, some sugar is allowed in children’s diet. The thumb rule is to choose drinks that contain 10% of the daily required calorie intake of free sugar.    
  • Watch out for hidden sugars that may throw your calculations off track. There are about 63 different names for sugar including maltodextrin, liquid glucose, sucrose, glucose syrup solids, and corn solids. If they add up to more than the allowed amount of sugar intake, avoid the drink.
  • Check the label for the number of ingredients. The lesser the number of ingredients the better the product. If there are too many ingredients whose names are hard to pronounce, the drink is not recommended for your child.
  • Check the sugar positioning in the nutritional chart. If it is placed in the middle of the chart, it is a healthier choice.
  • Lastly, check the age group that the drink is recommended for. All nutrients are included based on the age-appropriate daily intake value. 

When Should Children Consume Health Drinks?

To ensure that a health drink benefits your child’s health and works as an effective immune booster for kids, it can be had as follows – 

  • With breakfast: Give your child a balanced and nutritious supplement with breakfast for a good start to the day.
  • In between meals: Provide a healthy option to satisfy your child’s hunger pangs in between their meals.
  • Immediately after playtime: Protein-rich drinks are best when given immediately after strenuous activity to boost muscle recovery. 

If you are looking for the best health drinks in India take a look at the many variants available at Pick one that suits your child’s health needs and age best to enjoy maximum benefits. 

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