5 Best Health packages offered by a call to home doctor

People suffer from several serious health problems and sometimes it can be difficult for a certain person to visit the hospital. In that case, home doctor or home checkup can come in handy. In this system, a medical center will not only send a specialist to check up on you at home but also get your samples at your doorsteps, and you can even get the reports online. This simple procedure is helping Millions to have a proper checkup at home and is being utilized by those people who have had recent surgery and need immediate attention or elderly people who are alone at home. However, finding a family doctor accepting new patients is not easy and some research is required for that.

Some of the health checkup packages that are offered by medical centers at home are, 

1. Package of Physiotherapy home 

Physiotherapy is one of the effective medical care techniques which has been successful in restoring the health of several patients after surgery and during the time of any other physical functional problem. Physiotherapy is one of the most common medical checks-up and this service is now being provided at home for the benefit of patients. Medical centers are now sending physiotherapists who can personally visit you at your doorstep and perform physiotherapy on you. This procedure can be extremely beneficial and convenient for the patient as the physiotherapist can provide personalized Healthcare to an individual. At home, your therapist will be able to focus only on you that is why your healing will be much faster than any Hospital. Moving from one place to another is extremely time-consuming and painful for a patient with physical problems that is why this home therapy is efficient and does not cause any mobility shoes. This service can be provided under the strict supervision of the family of patients and is not only cost-effective but also helps in time management. 

2. Critical Care at home package 

At home, healing is much faster with the help familiar surroundings and close contact with family members. Various medical centers and renowned hospitals are now providing ICU services at home especially right after patients crosses the extreme acute and Critical phase of the illness or surgery but still, they require Intensive Care. This service comes with a highly trained expert of critical care therapy and nurses. The price ranges are also much lower than that of Hospital ICUs. 

3. Elderly care at home 

 Elderly care or in medical terms senior care is a huge aspect and includes several medical checkups from physiotherapy, eye checkup, dental check-up, bone assessment, to special consultation and many more. For such cases generally, home visits are preferred by several families. This process is much more cost-effective and your elderly family member doesn’t have to move around. This package includes regular doctor visits with the health manager and nurses catering to the health requirements of the senior patient. You can also receive emergency care, free consultation and nutritional chart for your family member. 

4. Mother and New Born care package 

A mother and a newborn baby need almost 24/7 attention after the critical period is over. Several medical centers and hospitals provide home services where trusted experts and caregivers will provide the required assessment to the mother and baby. Generally, post-pregnancy mothers seem to fall into postpartum depression and also may require special care if she has gone under the knife for a c-section. Trained nurses and caregivers can handle both of the sceneries by providing emotional support, massage and constant after delivery care to help the mother make a full recovery. Newborn babies are also in need of constant care as at that moment the mother is also under medical assistance. That is why trained experts assist the mother to take care of the baby at home by teaching them postnatal exercises, massages, and lactation. 

5. Counseling Packages

Nowadays the importance of Mental health is growing and people are becoming comfortable with the fact of keeping their mental health in check. But still, there is a stigma of visiting a psychiatrist or a counselor on your own that is why various health centers are now allowing home counseling and providing health checkup packages. In this process you can have your Counselor or psychiatrist visit you at home, these sessions are generally way more effective as the patient is within a familiar and friendly environment which may help them open up about their feelings faster. 

Medical care has improved a lot now, you can get all the care you need at the comfort of your own home. If you are living far away from your parents or grandparents then with the help of this procedure you can have medical specialists visit them and even get any required tests done in no time. 

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