Helpful Tips on Writing Your Homework in 8 Hours

Maybe it is the case in some situations, but when you are a student with deadlines, papers, assignments, group projects, etc. you cannot think like a philosopher, you need to get done with tasks and submit your homework on time. We don’t know one good recipe on how to do it and how to succeed in speed writing every time, but we’ve prepared some tips which may be useful in your situation.

Estimate the Amount of Work Correctly 

When you are pressed by the submission date (or better say an hour in this case!), you become very nervous and stop thinking straight. You are in a hurry, but you cannot feel the time, and you don’t know whether you will be able to finish everything or not. Stop right now, take a breather, and critically assess the amount of work you have. 

  • Recall previous times you had a similar assignment. Did you manage to do it on time? How? If not, why? How can you change that? Maybe you have spent too much time on research, or maybe you got stuck with formatting, or maybe you wanted to create a masterpiece while you just had to focus on getting things done. 
  • Write down an estimated time for this job. For example, in your experience, it takes five hours to deal with this assignment. Write this number down, but don’t get relaxed too much for the nearest three hours 🙂 Just remember that though eight hours is not too much, it should be enough. 
  • Be reasonable. If you see that there is simply not enough time for you to finish this paper before the deadline, address a reliable writing service and pay someone from WriteMyPaperHub to process your “write my homework for me” request. Sometimes it is better to delegate some of your tasks and switch to less urgent ones than to fail an assignment. 

Divide the Remaining Time into Defined Periods

You can attack your assignment like a hungry wolf and slaved over it for two straight hours or more, but at some point, your brain will freeze. Your brain doesn’t care about your submission or your education, for that matter. It has self-preservative mechanisms that turn on when you get too tired. To avoid a quick burnout, plan working in periods. 

The most suitable for this kind of routine is a Pomodoro technique. Every 25 minutes of work make a 5-minute break which you spend not in front of your computer. Walk around, stretch, visit a bathroom, have some water. Every two hours (four Pomodoros) make a 15-20 minute break. It sounds like a huge loss of time when you are in a hurry, but in fact, you will stay productive all the time, so the trick is worth trying.

Some Sugars, Some Water

Forget about those horrible energy drinks. They make your blood sugar crazy, they put your regulatory system on a roller-coaster, and they harm your stomach very much. To keep your brain awake, drink more water and snack with fruits or dark chocolate. You can also have some Tic Tac or similar drops once in a while. Another helpful trick you can use is brushing your teeth — menthol taste on your tongue and menthol smell will make your brain much more active. 

Use Online Services

Use proofreading services to make your editing process faster and more quality. Use citation generators to minimize the time you spend on in-text citations and references. Make sure that citation generators support the latest versions of MLA and APA guidelines

Eight hours is not that little — if you focus on the task in front of you, most probably, you will be able to submit it on time. Use our tricks to make this challenge easier. 

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