Homemade Remedies for Hair Growth

Your hair is your crowning glory, and there is nothing uncommon if you have a desire to improve it. But unlike skin, many people don’t give the attention their locks deserve. From straightening, curling to intricate hairdos, your locks go through a lot. And that is why they need the same nourishment and care as your skin.

That is to say, the primary hair care routine goes a long way to ensure healthy tresses. However, hair care experts or dermatologists caution against overdependence on commercial or chemical products. Instead, they emphasize opting for natural or homemade remedies when making a robust hair care plan. After all, knowing how to take care of your hair can be a difficult task.

Thankfully, there are many ingredients that you can find in your kitchen to combat hair fall, scalp infection, and dandruff. The homemade remedies are popular for their proven benefits, such as stimulating hair growth and promoting hair health.

Take a look at these effective and useful homemade remedies for healthy and voluminous tresses.

Homemade Remedies for Hair Growth

Use Amla Powder

Amla is an all-in-one ingredient when it comes to hair health. The natural immunity booster is one of the most sought after ingredients for improving hair vitality. We say this because amla includes oodles of potent fatty acids that are great to fortify hair follicles.  

Not only this, but the surplus of protein and vitamin C in this hair booster is also an excellent solution to avert hair greying. Amla contains plenty of potent antioxidants and iron that improves blood circulation around your scalp, thereby promoting hair growth.

The easy way to apply amla is to mix its powder in shikakai powder and a little bit of water. Make a paste and apply it on your hair for 45 minutes. Shampoo your locks with plain water. Follow this remedy once or twice a week to get glossy and thick hair.

Combat Dandruff with Juniper Oil

 Looking for the best home remedy for removing dandruff?

Juniper oil comes with remarkable astringent properties. According to experts, if you use juniper oil properly, it can strengthen your hair roots, thereby stimulating hair growth. Applying juniper oil on hair roots and scalp can help you prevent spots and breakouts on the scalp. The antiseptic properties of this oil prevent the growth of the bacteria that can cause acne on the scalp. Also, juniper oil can prevent dirt from accumulating within the tiny follicles, thereby controlling acne breakouts.

For the best results, add five drops of juniper oil to two tablespoons of almond oils. Apply it and then gently massage your scalp with it. You can follow this routine regularly for 2 to 4 weeks.

 Stimulate Hair Growth with Orange Puree

Did you know the pectin, vitamin C, and acids in orange help your hair in different ways?

The potent nutrients and vitamins may improve the natural luster of your hair. It makes tresses appear voluminous and thicker. The acid in the juicy fruit helps break apart residues left from any hair products. Removing these residues is important as they may interfere with your hair growth. 

If you don’t like your hair smelling like fruit, fear not. Unlike other hair care treatments, orange puree gives a pleasant fragrance that makes this homemade remedy process more enjoyable. You can use the orange puree as an effective hair treatment by mixing fresh oranges in a bit of coconut oil. Massage with the puree into the scalp and hair, and leave it on the hair for at least one hour before you rinse it out.

If you like to try a light conditioner to moisturize and rehydrate hair, you must follow an orange puree treatment.

Massage with Coconut oil and Banana

Like, juniper oil, coconut oil is tremendously advantageous for hair health. There are an array of reasons why many people consider it a panacea to your entire hair problem throughout the ages. Coconut oil is a perfect mélange of capric acid, lauric acid, and fatty acid that ensures rich anti-fungal and antimicrobial properties. The components are necessary to prevent free-radicals from speedy hair growth. 

When you blend coconut oil and banana paste, the compound is great to make your hair dark and shiny. Apply this mixture on your scalp and hair, and wait for 15 to 20 minutes—shampoo off this mixture with plain water. The remedy is also very effective for damaged hair. 

What Else!

Try Aloe Vera

People have been using Aloe Vera for long for treating hair loss. It is the trusted source that can help you soothe the scalp and condition your hair. It also reduces dandruff and unclogs hair follicles that excess oil in your scalp blocks. Apply clean Aloe Vera gel to scalp a few times a week, and you’ll see the benefits. Using shampoo or conditioner that has aloe vera is also beneficial for beautiful, long tresses.

Fish Oil

Consuming fatty acids help you enhance your locks from the inside. They have tons of proteins and nutrients. If you want to take an omega supplement with antioxidants to improve your hair diameter and density, there is nothing better than fish oil. 

It helps you reduce hair loss. Omega fatty acids stimulate your cells to work properly and boost immunity that leads to better hair health.

Final Thoughts

All in all, genetics and external factors are not the only things that decide your hair’s destiny. You can improve your hair growth and texture by some tried-and-tested homemade remedies. The given remedies, in this regard, are effective in enhancing hair volume and thickness. They are simple and easy to incorporate into your hair care routine.

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