Hottest Online Gambling States in the US

Research projects that the US gambling market will be worth $93 billion by 2023. This is a huge market thanks to fast-growing technologies like blockchain and IoT, which are driving the market fast. 

The only challenge to gambling in the US is that not every state has legalized gambling and some gamblers have to travel to the states where gambling is legalized to wager. You might be interested to know which the best states for gambling are and this list will surely help. 


Michigan gamblers waited for the longest but their long wait was rewarded after the state government made online gambling legal in late 2019. Online casinos had to wait until January 2021 to open doors to business. 

Close to ten casinos were launched to compete for the new Michigan online casino market in the state. Today, the state of Michigan is hot with gamblers seeking to get a share of online gambling profits. It is no longer illegal to bet on online casinos, poker, and sportsbooks in Michigan. 


Pennsylvania is a hotbed for poker, although all other types of online betting are steadily improving in this state. Many bettors consider this state one of the best places in the US for lucrative online betting. Sportsbook betting was legalized in 2019 and the launch was in May 2019. The state’s bettors enjoy one of the largest varieties of mobile-friendly sports betting than most other states. 

New Jersey 

New Jersey is currently leading in the amount of revenue collected from mobile phone betting after the state legalized online betting in 2018. Sportsbook betting is hot in New Jersey and most of the major online betting platforms have set base in this state. Since its launch, thousands of New Jerseyites have a new way of dealing with stress by signing into their accounts to place bets. 

West Virginia 

West Virginia legalized wagering in 2019 and established West Virginia Lottery to regulate betting. The law allows betting on slots, poker, sports, lottery, and table games. The gambling market in West Virginia is picking pace very fast. 


Delaware was one of the first states in the US to legalize online betting. The law was passed in 2012 but trading began in 2013. The state has a large number of gamblers and they contribute a lot to the state’s total revenue collection. All mobile wagering in Delaware is done under one platform since 2013. 

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