How BJJ Makes A Great Complete Fitness Workout

There are many forms of martial arts that make good fitness and fat burning workouts. This list also involves Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu aka BJJ. The training consists of several techniques, exercises, stretching and rolling. Don’t worry as you register in a program and a good school everything will line up. One of the best things about martial art training is that you get to have a coach who does all the planning. 

Even though it was not created as a weight-loss or fitness workout it still is very good at it. The class is just fun-filled and focused on techniques. So, grab your Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu GIs ladies and gentlemen, and let us get started with it. 

What will you be doing?

All around the world a BJJ class is the same. You will be doing warm-ups, daily drills i.e. performing rolling and grappling techniques and then cooldowns. When you become good enough to spar it will also become a part of the daily training. Little difference in training comes with location and coach but mostly it is the same. 

A warm-up

The warm-up routine is a cardio workout which, sometimes is intense and sometimes isn’t. Running around the mats, jumping jacks, high jumps, and other bodyweight exercises are what you will be doing. Don’t worry if it feels impossible the trainer will know and alter your workout. Remember this is just a warm-up and you don’t have to spend all the energy here. But don’t be slump and try to push yourself. 


After you are done with the warm-ups next comes the techniques. The instructor will demonstrate the BJJ techniques, most likely. Even if you were half asleep and not paying attention to what the coach was saying before, no worries. But here you have to be alert and attentive to learn how to properly perform a grapple or submission or any other technique. 


Learned the techniques and methods? Now is the time to perform them. This is where the real game begins. Now you have to partner up with someone from your class. It is recommended to choose one with similar skill and size but you can go beyond that too. 

If you spar correctly then it makes a great workout but if you act like a body bag then, of course, you wouldn’t burn any calories. Make sure to do it right from the beginning and put everything into it because you will be doing it for the majority of the class time. 


Rolling is also a sparring method. This is when you practice what you have learned in a live environment. At the end of your class, you can partner up with someone as skilled as you or better to practice and test everything you learned in the class. This is the main part of weight loss and better fitness. 

It might sound overwhelming but isn’t. Plus, you don’t have to worry about anything as your partner and trainer instructor will be there. You won’t become better at BJJ if you don’t spar and train like this. 

How does it help with fitness?

BJJ will change your lifestyle, and it is equally good for adults as it is for kids. BTW if you are looking to get your kid registered to buy the kids GI here. Because the quality is really good and the prices are cheap. The combination of warm-up, which can be anywhere between light to highly intense, is followed by sparring and rolling. These two are the main part and burn a lot of calories. You might not believe but an intense one-hour session can burn 1000 calories and even more. 

Weight loss is just the beginning. The training will change your lifestyle and thinking. From teaching, your discipline to weight loss and strong athletic body everything is great. This does not stop here. You will carry on a healthy lifestyle outside the gym and mats by eating and living healthier, avoiding habits that are bad and adopting the good ones. 

It is a fun and great way towards fitness

BJJ has its ways to make you look forward to the class. In begging you might not like it because you don’t have any friends. But with the time you will start to enjoy the training process and make a lot of friends. There are many other benefits of BJJ like learning self-defense, getting fit without lifting weights or running in the morning, etc. Find a good school and program for yourself, get the best gear and get started with your journey.

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