How Can Sharing Sensitive Stories Help A Person Grow?

At a young age, kids love to hear stories from everyone around them. Whether they were real or fake, listening to others really makes a difference in a kid’s life. Not only stories, but the experiences that other people have and their perspectives on various subjects mold the youngsters.

While growing up, those kids get to make their own tales and share them with people around them. These stories may include adventures, heartbreaks, and lessons they have learned. Stories are a great way in which people can properly communicate a message and share their experience.

Why Don’t People Share The Bad?

However, people mostly stick to the good and never bring out the bad. They only tell stories of what they have accomplished, the amazing moments of their lives, and the beautiful journey that made them who they are. 

They barely ever share anything that might be personal or sensitive. It could be something that once happened to them, or it could be something they did. Many people have dark history that never stops haunting them and keeps them up at night. But they never seem to get the courage to tell anyone what happened.

Why Should People Share Sensitive Stories?

Sharing experiences is important, no matter how good or bad they may seem.

Sharing the good stuff brings a tremendous amount of joy, but sharing personal stories can be very important to feel light. Feel free. Most people spend all their lives hiding things from their loved ones, keeping their haunting stories locked away. For what? To try to get over it. 

What most people don’t realize is that there is only going through it. Only by sharing the story with a friend, a family member, a complete stranger at a bar, or anyone can they truly feel free and finally let go. 

How to Avoid Backlash?

It doesn’t matter what the story is. Many people don’t share because they fear a backlash. They are afraid of the wave of negative comments and hatred towards them. They might even be frightened that people closest to them might distant themselves.

It could also be that they are afraid that someone will come after them if they share their story. Scared for their own and their family’s lives.

Fortunately, platforms like The Doe help people tell their stories while staying anonymous. But to make sure these stories are not fabricated, the people at The Doe make sure the stories and the experiences are real.

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