Offices are sensitive environments and require discipline and security to function appropriately. Many owners wish their work areas to abide by a strict code of formality to avoid any breaches and misconduct. Generally, you can enforce this using the presence of an individual in the position of authority, which would be the owner himself. However, expanding businesses and large company owners find it challenging to be present in every setting at all times. It may often create a discrepancy between the employer’s ideology and the employee’s progress. Besides this, legitimate security concerns are also likely to arise due to such absences. That makes it a pressing challenge to overcome.

Acknowledging this disparity, individuals came up with ideas to provide the features of remote surveillance to companies and business owners. It allowed them to tackle and compensate for this lapse in physicality and provided greater satisfaction and comfort in administering security. Using these techniques and methods, not only can the bosses monitor the situation, but they also inflict fear of consequence on their mindsets. It also promotes the observation of a firm ethical and moral code by employees and makes them feel safer around each other, hence, promoting a healthy work environment. time tracking software is essential to track the activity of employees.

The big question that remains is how to go about it? There are multiple answers to these questions, but to decide which one suits you best, you need to ask yourself that why do you need remote surveillance. The two most common responses to this question are security and employee performance tracking. There might be other reasons, but let’s base the hypothesis on these grounds and start building up. Once you have singled out your goal, all you need to do is pick the most suitable measure at your disposal to achieve it from the long list of options. 

Here are some useful suggestions that you can use to cover these parameters and integrate remote monitoring into your system.

Camera Surveillance:

There is no better way to monitor any environment remotely than with the help of surveillance cameras. They are smooth, smart, and cover wide angles for you to observe. And you can monitor all their results from any system or a portable device using an application. Similarly, you can control their angles and movement cycles with that same application. The best suggestion would be to use axis cameras for their extensive range and high-quality results. 

Proximity Radars:

You can get devices online that detect motion within a coverage range and sounds an alarm if anybody gets in an area where they shouldn’t be. They are useful to place at office entrances and storages to prevent any theft or violation by the employees. You can get a notification of this alarm going off on your portable device to rush or inform the security services if they aren’t already handling the situation.

System Login Portals:

Managing an official online portal that demands employees to log in once they access the office’s systems is a great idea. It allows you to keep track of check-in and check-out times and might even help you monitor their activity when they are online, ensure that they aren’t accessing unapproved content. Also, an excellent solution to keep track of attendance and work hours.  So you don’t have to be on their heads anymore.

Internet Tracking:

Tracking internet activity is another way for remote supervision of actions. You can examine which employees are using what volume of data and visiting which portals online. It can tell you about their dedication and investment in their work when in the workplace and help maximize performances for optimum results.

Team Activity Logs:

Another great idea would be to maintain team logs using a centralized activity portal. It can help you keep track of every employee’s contribution and daily shenanigans with just a simple scroll. Besides that, it motivates your employees to stay on the same footing as the rest of the team and be more competitive.

System Screenshots:

If you want to tighten the security of the database against internal breaches and track employee activity at the same time, you can use software like TimeDoctor, which allows you to take timely screenshots of the system. You can check what the employees are doing when online every few minutes. Just try to regulate the intervals so that no one can find a loophole in it.

End of Day Reports:

An excellent idea for one-stop monitoring of a day’s progress is the end of the day reports. They are descript, cover every area, and lets you stay updated at all times. Besides, you can always give your input and feedback on actions taken by your staff to avoid future turbulences based on these reports. And the next time you visit, you won’t need to be caught up to speed.


These were some ideas to monitor your official activities remotely without making a lot of effort. Just decide the goal that you want to achieve and then pick the most suitable solution to accommodate it. Take the necessary measures to implement it, and you are good to go!

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