How Dangerous is the New Coronavirus and Why Should You Care About It

Coronavirus emerged in China back in December 2019 and in just four months, it became a worldwide crisis that has already affected more than 100,000 people in different corners of the world. Coronaviruses are basically a family of viruses and the latest one is known as Covid-19. 

As compared to other viruses, Covid-19 is spreading at a much higher rate. The virus that started in a small town in China has already spread to 140+ countries. Some of these countries include Italy, India, UK, Iran, and the USA. 

Even though Covid-19 has a comparatively lower death rate, it is still a huge concern for everyone. As a result, the government authorities in every country have started to take preventive measures to protect the citizens from coming in contact with the virus. 

While some countries have shut-down all the services like schools and malls, others are investing millions of dollars into the inventing vaccination to cure the disease. To believe a team of scientists in China, we are still a year away from developing a successful vaccination for coronavirus. 

Since there is no cure right now, it only makes sense to take precautions at an individual level as well. At this moment, your health is in your hands only. Apart from covering your face with a mask, make sure to frequently wash your hands with soap & water or a high-quality hand sanitizing gel. 

How Dangerous is Covid-19?

If we compare it to the earlier coronaviruses, the Covid-19 is spreading way more rapidly. On Feb 15, Italy had only 3 positive cases. By March 14, this number went up to 21,157, with 1,441 deaths in the country. 

In just one month, Covid-19 ended up affecting thousands of people, which means that the virus is spreading at a much higher rate than SARS. However, the good thing is it has a lower death rate than SARS. 

While SARS killed 10% of the infected people, Covid-19 has only killed 3% of the infected people, across the world. The majority of these death cases involve people who are old or have a really weak immunity system. 

Even though the death rate is quite low, it doesn’t mean that Covid-19 can be taken lightly. It is imperative to take preventive measures to keep yourself away from the virus and stay healthy.

As we mentioned earlier, washing hands at regular intervals are the best way to protect yourself, especially if you are traveling. If you’re experiencing fever, cold, cough, etc., it is better to get yourself checked as soon as possible. 

We recommend wearing a mask to restrict the flu from spreading further. Taking a dietary supplement like L-Optizinc supplement is also recommended to strengthen your immune support system further. You should also avoid going to work/school if you’re sick, as that would put many lives in danger. 

Though Covid-19 has almost vanished from China, it has spread to other corners of the world. At this point, taking precautions is the only way to keep yourself protected. So, make sure to follow the recommended instructions and stay in the safe zone. 

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