How Do Car Bubbles Work?

You’ve invested countless work hours and considerable resources in restoring your classic car. When you’re not taking the vehicle for a drive or showcasing it at a classic car show, you need to find storage and protection that’s safe, convenient and affordable.

From shielding the dash from damaging rays with a custom windshield sun shade to keeping moisture out with a fleece lined waterproof car cover, there are many options for storing a car safely. For longer-term storage, you’ll want a solution that keeps out all the elements. That’s where a car capsule comes in. A car bubble protects your vehicle from potentially damaging elements like moisture, dust, and grime, preventing rust and corrosion.

Car Bubbles Keep the Elements Out

A car bubble is a solid shell that surrounds a classic car or truck while it’s in storage. Made in varying materials for indoor or outdoor use, the bubble creates an air-filled cocoon around the car, shielding out moisture and dust. It also prevents damage from the bumps and scrapes that can come with garage storage.

In the same way a custom windshield sun shade protects your car from the excessive heat and sunlight that could cause cracking and other damage to the dash and seats, the car bubble provides a guard against the elements to preserve the car’s interior.

Air Movement Eliminates Moisture

A car capsule system keeps air in constant motion around the vehicle by placing a high-pressure fan at the base of the bubble. The capsule zips up around the car with the fan inside, then fills with air to create a barrier between the car and its storage space.

The fan keeps air circulating around the car while it’s in storage, allowing any moisture to evaporate and preventing dust from building up on interior or exterior surfaces. An always-on fan also keeps the air temperature around the car consistent with the outside air, meaning it won’t get too hot or cold around the vehicle. Air movement keeps condensation from forming, eliminating the risk of moisture buildup that could lead to rust, mildew or other issues.

Finding the Right Spot for a Car Bubble

An inflated car bubble takes up about a foot on each side of the car, with additional room at the front or back to accommodate air intake and the circulation fan. In choosing a storage spot from the bubble, place the intake filter that provides circulating air away from anything that might put off extra moisture or heat, like outside doors, furnaces or water heaters.

The first time a bubble is inflated, warmer temperature will help the material become flexible and fill up evenly with air. Any wrinkles in the material tend to work themselves out over time, as the bubble stays inflated. To keep a car capsule in peak condition and prevent moisture inside it, avoid putting anything under the bottom of the bubble’s floor mat.

Protecting your classic car with tools like a custom windshield sun shade, car cover or car capsule will extend the life of your investment. A specialty vendor can recommend the right pieces to keep you driving in style for years to come.

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