How do I Change my Amazon Business Account to a Personal Account?

By launching your Amazon business, you have to make some choices; from the type of your entity to the type of your future business model. However, one of the most crucial parts is to decide whether you are going to run a business account or a personal Amazon account. 

There are many differences between these types of accounts, and before starting the process of registration on Amazon, you have to consider all the pros and cons that both accounts have. 

Of course, the first and main difference between these accounts is the price. By choosing a professional account, you have to pay $39.99 per month, while for the individual account, you do not have to pay anything except a $0.99 fee for each of the sold items. 

As a rule, most beginners prefer to start their business with a professional business account by putting their business on the line. But he who does not take risks does not drink champagne! Let’s dive deep in order to understand all the benefits of having an Amazon business account.  

Professional for Professionals

If you are a bold maximalist who prefers to take a bull by its horns, then you should definitely choose a professional seller account. This way, all the doors will open in front of you simultaneously and all you need is hard work to obtain these benefits. The upside is that you do not have to pay fees for each sold item; all you need is just to pay a monthly subscription fee at the rate of $39.9. Plus, you will gain access to inventory tools, which are very beneficial for large businesses. By using a professional Amazon account, you can also upload items in bulk and use the advantages of the Buy Box. 

Of course, if you are selling more than 40 items per month, this type of account is exactly for you since you are going around fees for each of the items. Also, you can easily sell all types of restricted Amazon accounts by getting Amazon’s approval, while those who are running a personal Amazon account are not eligible to sell those products until they meet certain criteria.  

As you can see, the advantages of a Professional Business account are obvious, and of course, it is better to choose a professional business account in order to start a successful business on Amazon.


But what if you have already launched a professional Amazon account and your risks have not materialized? Or you have come across unforeseen consequences such as natural disasters or an occurrence like Covid-19, which has changed the course of our planet at 180 degrees? Whatever it was, do not shoot from the hip by deleting your Amazon account, since you can easily convert your professional account into personal and ride out the storm.

For changing your Amazon business account into a personal one, you have to implement the following actions:

  • Log in to your Seller Account, click Account Info, and find your service section.
  • Then you should click Manage and Upgrade next to the account type.

As you can see, it is a pretty simple process. Just keep in mind that the process of changing your professional Amazon account to personal will enter into force by the end of a month after the expiration of your monthly professional fees.

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