How hackathon platform is useful to hire the best candidate in the organization?

Every organization wants to hire candidates who are extremely talented and can meaningfully contribute to the organization. But, they should find such capable candidates who can increase profitability of the business. To hire the best talent, they should devise the best strategies. Many organizations conduct brainstorming sessions before hiring the best talent in the organization. To find the best candidates for the organization, they should use the most effective tools and proven techniques. Using the hackthonplatform, they can hire the best candidates to the organization. 

Hiring the best candidates in the organization 

The organizations should find the candidate who is most suited to the role. Every organization strives to find the best candidates for the position of managers, administrators, or CEOs. The candidate should be the best problem solver and should be able to undertake any challenge of the organization. If the organization is hiring candidates for technical posts, then the candidates should be the best coders. They should thoroughly screen the profile of the candidate so that they can understand the characteristics or strengths of the respective candidates. Then, they should conduct some online examinations to know the actual caliber of the candidate. Then, they should analyze their strengths and weaknesses viewing the score of the exam. Then, they should personally interact with the candidate to know the overall characteristics of the candidate. But, they should use appropriate strategies to select the best candidates in the organization. They should conduct online tests is such a way that they are able to know deeply about the aptitude and behavior of the candidate. They should be able to access the caliber of the candidate during the long run. The candidate should be beneficial to the organization for a longer period. So, they should use the hackathon platform to find out the caliber of the candidate. Even during the personal interview, they should ask them the questions to know if they can prove their innovativeness and problem-solving capacities to the organization. The candidates applied for the managerial post should prove their innovativeness and problem-solving capacities as they are integral to the organization. The candidates who possess these qualities can only solve the most crucial problems of the organization. They should be innovative to improve the current situation of the organization and maximize wealth in the organization. They should add the value of products or services manufactured or rendered by the organization. 

Features of hackathon platform 

The hackathon platform consists of some special features to access the most inner attributes of an individual. It consists of some different features such as coding hackathons, innovative ideations, case study competitions, etc. The feature of coding hackathons is used to assess innovation and problem-solving capacities. It also conducts case study competitions to access the problem-solving and business acumen attributes of the candidates. The innovative ideation is a feature used to brainstorm the best minds to boost innovativeness. So, the best candidates should possess the attributes of problem solving, innovativeness, and business acumen to successfully contribute to the organization. The best candidate also possesses sound knowledge about the market and the ability to tactfully handle complex situations of the business. Their strategies should always lead to cost-saving. 

The attributes that the candidates should possess

The candidate should be capable of identifying the overall organizational problem and convert it into a challenge. They should use their ideas and creativity to solve business problems. They should be also capable of aligning the strategic goals to find solutions to every problem. So, some of the attributes that the candidates of the large organization should possess are the nurturing problem-solving skills, a collaboration of cross teams, and should foster the innovation process. So, the recruiters cannot easily access these qualities in an individual when they are conducting a short interview. So, the software is designed especially for the recruiters to hire the best candidates in the organization. 

Using the software, they can access the domain understanding of the candidate, his business acumen, and his ability to code. So, when they are hiring candidates for higher technical positions, then they should access these traits in an individual. 

The software is used to test several candidates at a time and choose the best candidate. As this tool consists of different special features, it can deeply delve into the personality of an individual. The software is also used to test if the candidate can act wisely during adverse situations. They can the capacity of the candidate to perform teamwork. The students should solve such complex questions, so the recruiters are able to judge the overall capacity of the candidate. 

Usefulness of the hackathon software

The hackathon organizers are building software to manage events and make work even easier. This software is used for solving different challenges of the business. They can crowdsource their ideas and help the employees to conduct the best brainstorming sessions. 

This hack to software not only tests the intellectual level of the candidate, but also the overall attitude of the candidate. So, they include some psychometric questions also to access the overall behavior of the candidate. They want to judge the capacity of the candidate to solve the complex problems of the organization. They should be able to accept any problem as a challenge, create ideas, and find different innovative solutions to the problems. 

This software is also useful to the organization to provide training to the candidates. They should build certain skills of the candidates such as the nurture problem-solving skills, cross-team collaboration, and fostering innovation. So, the software also consists of a personalized event page and it is used to increase engagement with the candidate. So, it also records the time spent for the candidate for motivating him. 

The software is used to hire the best candidates and also retain the best candidates in the organization. So, they use this software to provide the best training to the candidates and motivate them in a proper way. It records the training programs conducted for the candidates and the response of the candidate after imparting training. It consists of a quick scheduling feature to record the tasks across the single dashboard. 

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