How Much Does A Cremation Cost?

Having to make the arrangements for the loss of a loved one is difficult enough without the added worry and stress of cost. In these challenging times for bereaved family members, low price and good value are the forethought when planning a loved one’s cremation. 

This article will look at options currently available when opting for cremation, the associated costs for a traditional cremation or a cremation without ceremony, such as those offered by Caring Cremations. It will explore the aspects to consider during this time, and how you can prepare.

Things To Consider

Figuring out what is considered “a good send-off” is the biggest challenge when planning a loved one’s departure. Whilst some may have strict beliefs of what constitutes a good funeral, others may not have any inclinations. So it is worth considering the below points.

Be considerate of who has died. Would they want you to choose a funeral that will put you in masses of debt and stress? Most likely not, so just because you are looking for cost-efficient options doesn’t mean you disrespect the departed’s memory or wishes by exploring cheaper options.

Do your research and gather multiple quotations. It is a good idea to approach an independent funeral director and a branded chain to get a competitive price and see the differences in options for the service and the difference in fees. 

Try not to get hung up on grand gestures of the most expensive cars and coffins; readings, music, and actions are important and meaningful rather than superficial. All of these additional services contribute significantly to the overall cost.

How Much Is A Cremation?

According to recent figures, the standard price of using a funeral director is about £3,837. This figure depends on certain factors such as location, service chosen and any additional aspects such as the wake, catering, flower, transportation. Also, highly populated areas where more deaths occur are likely to have more competitive prices, such as London.

If you seek a cheaper alternative, many people opt for a direct cremation that costs around £1,550.

A Direct Cremation

A direct cremation is a term used to describe a cremation in its simplest form; there is no ceremony, and mourners are not in attendance at the crematorium itself. 

A direction cremation should cover:

  • Cremation fees
  • Doctors’ fees that apply for the completion of legally required certificates
  • A simple coffin
  • Collection and care of the deceased

There are many positives to why a person would opt for direct cremation. First, it emphasises the ceremony rather than the cremation itself. 

Second, a direct cremation also offers greater financial control and flexibility over how and when you say goodbye rather than a formulaic ceremony or burial, as you can hold a celebration at a time that is sensible for the majority of people.

A Simple Cremation

Suppose you still wish for a ceremony or a structured format or a small service with several close family attendees. In that case, most funeral directors will offer a simple cremation that is slightly more costly than a direct, unattended cremation. 

However, this service is usually more financially accessible for a broader range of families. It follows the same structure as a direct cremation, however, attendees can say goodbye in respectful, intimate surroundings, but without the costs associated with a traditional funeral home.

Most crematorium operators will offer lower-cost bookings. The least expensive cremation times are usually first thing in the morning and may only be available on certain weekdays. Other restricted factors include dressing and preparing the deceased, and viewing this loved one in their chapel of rest or limousines for mourners.

Again just because it’s a simple ceremony does not make it any less special or respectful. 

Selecting A Cremation Plan 

The best way to secure the best deal for your cremation and avoid nasty inflation costs is to choose a prepaid cremation plan. Not only does this allow you to plan your own final wishes, but you agree to a secure payment plan for your funeral.

With a low-cost funeral plan, you will not only have complete control, such as music, readings and flowers you would like, without the involvement of anyone else. In addition, you can include as much detail as needed and amend or make changes to your plan free of charge, provided they are set within the agreed plan.

A funeral plan will also give you the added option of paying in instalments; there may be an instalment fee. However, you can pay for exactly what you want over 12 months or more, meaning you split the cost.

All cremation plans offer similar benefits; however, it pays to be mindful of your preferences when selecting either an unattended cremation or a simple cremation wherein a few attendees can say goodbye. 

This means that not only are your wishes adhered to but your loved one is given a respectful, dignified send-off that reduces the financial stress these occasions can so often incur. 

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