How Ringless Voicemail Works And Its Benefits For Your Business

If you are a business owner who seeks growth and wants to achieve success, it’s always best to have a profitable and highly effective marketing method like ringless voicemail.

Generally, ringless voicemails are based on pre-recorded audio messages, which are sent to customer’s voice mail through using a telephone operator like Call Cowboy, which doesn’t require the cell phone of your customers to ring before entering voice mail.

Many businesses are using ringless voicemails because of its low cost and most customers find it as a less invasive way to get phone messages. But, how does it work and how it can benefit your business?

How Does Ringless Voicemail Work?

When it comes to ringless voicemail, it starts with recording a message based on your current campaign. The pre-recorded message will be integrated into the system’s CRM or Customer Relationship Manager. The message will then be transmitted to the contacts you have selected without ringing your customer’s phone.


Usually, the process can be automated. Unlike what others assumed, it doesn’t violate the law because no real calls will be made to the potential customers. Since messages are directly sent without the intervention of telemarketing companies, there are no call connections established, which is legal, effective and simple. In order to enhance personalization and ensure compliance, you should work with a company like Possible Now.

Ringless Voicemail and Its Benefits to Businesses

There are numerous benefits of using ringless voicemails for your business. Whether your business is small or big, expect to enjoy the following benefits:

. No Interruptions on Your Customer’s End

One of the benefits of using ringless voicemails is that there aren’t any vexing automated calls. Ringless voicemail users don’t have to worry about being the receiving end of frustrating and annoying phone calls. In addition to that, it is one of the reasons why a ringless voicemail is the preferred telemarketing method since it doesn’t disturb customers and guarantees zero interruptions.

If potential customers get phone calls regularly with automated recorded messages with a robotic voice, they might find it obnoxious and could block the numbers instantly. Sending ringless voicemails increases the chances of the business of securing potential customers. Cell phone users are likely to access voicemail inboxes on their carriers in their free time. It means that they’ll take several seconds to listen to the recording. If they’re interested, they will call back and ask for more information about the services or products being advertised.

. Ensures Customer Comfort

A ringless voicemail is always precise and on point. It does not waste the precious time of your customers, which only means that they’re more likely to listen to the messages they get. Other than that, another reason why ringless voicemails are effective is that consumers aren’t coerced or intimated at all.

For example, compare telemarketing phone calls to ringless voicemail messages. Customers get multiple calls that they might consider futile and pestering since such calls interrupt their daily activities or routine. Unlike telemarketing phone calls, they will listen to ringless voicemails whenever they want to. Since these aren’t like any automated broadcast calls, more consumers tend to call back.

. Guarantees More Return Calls

Since ringless voicemails aren’t provocative, these can work in your company’s favor. As a matter of fact, it can boost the chances of getting calls from your customers. With increased return calls, you don’t have to contact your clients repeatedly just to tell them about your products or services. Just make sure that once your customers call, you are ready to answer all of their queries or concerns.

. Integrates with Other Marketing Campaigns Easily

Depending on your ringless voicemail provider, you can integrate it with the other marketing campaigns you are using. You may combine ringless voicemails with some effective and cost-efficient advertising practices like newsletters. This can help your business gain more opportunities, which can result in an increase in profits and revenues.

. Saves Time for Your Employees

Majority of businesses these days have a huge list of previous customers, current customers, and leads. When employees have to take time to call every person on the list to update them about the latest offers or special discounts, they need to use a lot of company resources like email service, internet service, and so on. What ringless voicemails do is save the precious time of your employee. Since you can just pre-record your message to your customers and send it automatically, this can lessen your employee’s work and save their time on doing or focusing on other important things in your business.


Ringless voicemail offers a lot of benefits to all kinds of businesses out there. It is perfect for those who are looking for effective and cost-efficient marketing campaigns. Aside from that, it can help you establish relationships with your customers while saving more resources. So, if you want a customer communication method or new marketing, don’t hesitate to consider ringless voicemail as part of your business strategies. Just make sure to find the most reliable ringless voicemail provider to reap all of its offered benefits.

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