How to Access the Deep Web On Android

The deep web seems like a fascinating place of netizens. Of course, because of the secretive nature, but this secretive nature might ruin your life as well if you didn’t pay enough attention to protecting your identity. In this article, I am going to explain thoroughly what the deep web is and how you can access it safely on an Android device. Without any delay, let’s start it-

Deep Web – Explained

The deep web is nothing different than what it sounds like – the underground portion of the internet that didn’t get indexed by the traditional search engines like Google and Yahoo. If we talk about how big it is, then the deep web is more than 500 times bigger than the internet available with the help of search engines. Even major social media sites, email services, and online banking services use the deep web to store most of their data.

Almost 90% of the deep web links are available for the general public, but to access this data, you may require some authentication details available only for the limited users. Even the majority of the deep web pages are hidden behind the thin layer of security such as login pages which are easily accessible with the help of search engines — for example, Facebook’s login page. If you’re going through authentication to your account with the help of username, password or anything else, probably the data you may access is on the deep web.

Apart from it, there is a massive collection of critical data such as medical records of a hospital, internal database of companies, and legal documents. Because this data could be misused, webmasters hide such data from the reach of the search engine bots.

The majority of the deep web users are regular internet users who access it unintentionally while scrolling social media feed to your email’s inbox. The other group of people is the whistleblowers and the journalists who use it to share critical information such as scams reports, researches, and documents. Another group of deep web users is companies that use it to store their private databases, company data and other things.

The data on the deep web is not available with a simple Google search, and that’s the beauty of the deep web. It helps in protecting your personal information and privacy. However, most of the people get confused between ‘deep web’ and ‘dark web’ and refer both as same while the story is entirely different.

Dark Web

The dark web is a network of web pages encrypted with multiple layers of security. This technology is popular with the name of onion routing. The dark web is a tiny part of the deep web. In terms of size, it is hardly near to 0.5% of the entire deep web. It is the most secretive portion of the internet and to access it; you need to use unique browsers like the Tor, Freenet or I2P. Moreover, accessing the dark web is not that simple as well as it is perilous too.

The dark web is mostly famous because of the illicit activities happen there. From dealing in stuff like drugs, weapons, counterfeit cash to hiring computer hackers, hitmen and other illegal activities are very easy to perform in the dark web. According to a recent report, more than 50% of the websites on the dark web are involved in unlawful activities.

However, the dark web is not only about bad things. You can find good forums discussing stuff like technology, politics, ideologies, researches and other things. Now you might be thinking why they access this kind of stuff in the dark web while they can use deep web or surface web for it. Well, these dark web forums used to discuss things such as Computer Viruses, Area 51 Research, Medical Research, Scams, and many other things that are not common in the surface web.

Also, you can use the dark web to make untraceable communication. While surfing this part of the internet, you have to be very conscious because a single mistake can ruin your entire life.

How to access the deep web on android

Accessing the deep web is not that tough, but when it comes to the dark web, there are a lot of things that you need to take care of. Below I am mentioning some of the best ways to access the deep and the dark web safely on an android device.

Use an antivirus software

Before entering the deep web, make sure your device has antivirus software installed. It will block all the harmful applications and requests to reveal your identity while accessing the pages of the deep web.

Use a VPN

Virtual Private Network is the software that encrypts all the traffic and transmits it to a different computer, and then it sends the request to the website you’re trying to visit. It adds a layer of encryption that helps you in protecting your real identity and the data you’re entering on the deep web. Make sure you avoid choosing a cheaper or free one because they don’t provide enough security and encryption. Here is a list of top rated VPN

Use Orbot and Orfox

Both of these android applications are necessarily important if you’re willing to access the dark web. Both of these tools are developed by the Tor project itself for android users so that they can surf the dark web easily on their smartphone device. Orbot creates the layers of IP while the Orfox is the browser developed for surfing the dark web. 

These steps are subjective and only necessary if you’re willing to enter the dark web. If you only want to access the deep web pages, you don’t need to use these two applications, but using these will make your connection more secure.


Accessing the deep web is quite easy, and most of us already use it on our daily basis. From scrolling the facebook feed to checking the inbox, all those pages are the part of the deep web. However, there are some other dark web pages that scam people and this method is only for those who want to access such pages securely.

If you’ve any questions, you can shoot them in the comment section below. We’ll try to answer these questions ASAP.

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