How to avoid electrical accidents: Top things to look out for

Take a look at your home, and you will see that every part of your house is dependent on electricity. As far as electricity is concerned, it is indispensable. However, electricity is also one of the main reasons for frequent accidents. Every year around 800 electricity-related accidents are reported in the US alone. Knowing that electrical accidents may happen, professionals always recommend getting in touch with reliable electrical service in Houston

Here are some very simple ways to save yourself from accidents.

Don’t use a damaged extension cord

If you have an extension cord at home that is damaged, throw it away. An extension cord should never be hidden under the carpet to make it look invisible just because you don’t like the way it looks. You do know that this could be the reason for fire damage. For those who have young children at home, it is always better to keep the extension cord away from their reach. Children may chew on the wire, and this may cause a severe accident.

Don’t use a defective electrical device

Whenever you notice a defective electrical device, ensure that you don’t use it unless it is fixed. It is not worth taking the risk. You don’t know how volatile the situation could be. If the expert electrician in Spring TX tells you that it can’t be fixed, it is better to replace the old, defective device with a new one. It is better not to repair any device on your own unless you know what you are doing.

Always pull the plug from the socket and not the cable

If you are done using an appliance, and you no longer need it, go to the socket, and pull the plug from the socket. Just because the socket is a few steps away, don’t take the risk. Never pull the cable because this can lead to damaging the cable, and a broken cable can cause electrical accidents.

Switch off the light before changing a lightbulb

This suggestion is rather simple and very logical. Hardly anyone will call an electrician to change the lights of their house unless they don’t know whether changing the lights of the house will solve the lighting problem, or there is something else going on. If the switch is not turned off, and you try to unscrew the lightbulb, this can lead to an accident. In fact, accidents while changing a lightbulb is one of the most common.

Tell everyone in your family not to touch the switch unless you are done working. Also, make sure that your hands are absolutely dry before you start changing the lights.

  Drilling a hole in the wall? Locate the electrical wires

Drilling a hole in the wall? Locate the electrical wires

The best way to detect power behind the wall is by using an electricity detector and a stud. If you are thinking of drilling a hole in the wall, you need to choose a space in the wall, which is free from electrical wires else you may end up damaging the wires. A damaged wire may cause an electrical fire, and that’s the worst that can happen to anyone. If you aren’t sure about locating the cables in the wall on your own, call a professional electrician in Spring TX.

Avoid using electrical equipment in the bathroom

If you are someone who always uses hair dryer or hair straightener, or any other electrical equipment in the bathroom, make sure that your electrical outlets have a protection system. The reason being they are close to the water system. Don’t forget that water plus electricity is always dangerous.

Call professionals for help

If you think that you need a professional’s help to get some electrical equipment fixed for you so that your house can become danger proof, don’t hesitate to call Mr. Electric of Katy. Allow only professionals to visit your home, and fix the issue for you.

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