How To Avoid Frequent Visits To The Dentist?

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Everyone knows that according to statistics, most people are afraid of dental procedures in order to minimize visits to the dentist which means up to once or twice a year you need to take care of your smile every day. The main prerequisites for caries and its various complications, of course, are poor oral hygiene. But, turning to our good practice, it turns out that the vast majority of patients are poorly oriented in oral care products and hygiene rules. Here are perhaps the three most important points that you must always remember and follow them every day. Firstly, you must regularly brush your teeth thoroughly in the morning after breakfast and in the evening before going to bed. This procedure should take at least three minutes! Secondly, it’s worth remembering that after each tooth brushing procedure, the spaces between the teeth should be cleaned with special threads, the so-called flosses.

There are a number of rules to keep your smile healthy and radiant; proper place among them is proper nutrition. Everyone knows the destructive effect of sugar on teeth. So, our experience at cosmetic dentist in Los Angeles has shown that the main culprit is not the amount of sugar eaten, but the consistency of sugar-rich food. Sticky foods that stick to your teeth are the main source of the disease. Foreign studies have revealed products that either has little or no tooth decay. This is cheese, meat, carrots, and fruits. Cheese is even able to neutralize acids that destroy teeth. Oddly enough, but it is with age that a person’s teeth are less susceptible to destruction. This phenomenon is called mineralization, when the body deposits more and more minerals in the teeth with age, as a result of which they more persistently tolerate the action of destructive acids.

The fact is that due to the phenomenon of adaptation, our olfactory nerves become accustomed to smelling, and it is practically impossible to determine the presence of smell by breathing in the palm of your hand. Therefore, there are several ways to determine the freshness of breathing yourself:

  • Using a white, not aromatized floss, draw between the upper and lower molars. Has the thread become brown? Wait 45 seconds and then sniff.
  • It is necessary to take a clean white cloth and rub at the base of the tongue. Wait 45 seconds again and sniff.
  • The third way – just lick your own wrist, wait-+ 45 seconds and smell it again.

Often, in addition to insufficient oral hygiene, the causes of bad breath can also be products with a deliberately unpleasant odor, smoking and drinking alcohol, dry mouth (xerostomia) that also occurs with a long monologue. In this regard, it will be useful to take note of the following recommendations:

  • Use sugarless chewing gum – it stimulates the production of saliva due to what causes the mechanical chewing movement. Xylitol gum also helps prevent tooth decay. In addition, chewing gum has a pleasant, refreshing aroma, such as mint and cinnamon.
  • It is sometimes helpful to keep your mouth shut from time to time. The oral cavity should be moist. Saliva helps cleanse the mouth, as it contains a natural antibacterial composition.

Be careful and pay attention to the signals sent to you by your own body!

To conclude, all the recommendations above are aimed at avoiding frequent visits to the dentist, taking them into account, you can break the prevailing stereotypes that visiting the dentist is accompanied by a feeling of fear of pain. I would like to wish that a visit to the dentist twice a year will become something like a visit to a beauty salon, and a smile will become your hallmark, as a smile is partly a mirror of the body as a whole. And since I have repeatedly mentioned the observance of the rules of oral hygiene, I draw your attention to the fact that hygiene products must be selected by the dentist individually for you.

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