How to be on Instagram without an Insta Account?

 Instagram is considered to be one of the most happening social media platforms. It allows people to share images and videos that can be coupled with hashtags and captions. People from different walks of life including movie stars, cricketers, politicians, businessmen, artists, students as well as homemakers have an active account on this platform. Most users update their Insta handles regularly and also respond to other people’s posts.

Instagram acquaints its users with the latest happenings from around the world and also helps them connect with their near and dear ones. Even those who do not have an active account on the platform can view the activities of Insta users. Let us learn how:

View Insta activities without Instagram Account

Special Insta stalker websites have been launched to allow people to view the activities of Instagram users. These have especially been designed for those who want to check out all that this platform has to offer but secretly and without going through the hassle of registering to it. All you require doing is to log into such a site and you will be able to view any Insta handle you wish to. You just need to type in the username and the related Insta page will appear on your screen. You can browse through its posts as well as the friend list.

Why Use Insta Stalker Sites?

Now, you may ask as to what is the need for such sites and apps? Well, the answer is simple! Such sites and apps are apt for those who like to keep their lifeguarded and thus prefer staying away from social media platforms such as Instagram but at the same time wish to keep a track of all that is happening around.  Such a provision helps them keep a close watch on their business rival’s moves, check the Insta activities of their children, check out what their friends and relatives are up to, and also get the latest news about the industry they are catering to without creating an account on the platform.

So, if you wish to check out Instagram activities without an Insta account, now you know what to do!

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