How To Choose The Right Size Storage Shed?

Buying a storage shed is an important decision, but you would not like to do it twice. It’s the reason why you should consider some factors while choosing a shed, including its size. Make sure that the outdoor storage can accommodate all the gardening equipment and other related tools. If you need more help in determining the right dimensions, here is a handy guide. 

How will you use the shed?

Before you purchase a shed, consider its usage. You will only use it to store the lawn maintenance equipment, or it will be a workshop or a hobby room as well? If storage is the only purpose, then there should be enough room to adjust the mowers, garden furniture, or power tools, plus some space to move around. Also, make sure that the equipment will fit the door. Similarly, if the shed will act as your workshop, there should be enough space to fit a work table, shelves to store supplies and power tools.

Moreover, it should have windows for light and ventilation. Roof style and wall panels are the other factors to check. Apex, reverse apex, and pent roofs are the three types that you can choose. 

What are the most common shed sizes?

Storage sheds are available in different dimensions. The given image shows you the most common sizes available to purchase.

As you can understand from the given table, the length and width depending upon the objects you want to store. For example, if you are going to devote the shed to bulky items like an ATV or motorcycle, the length and breadth should be 12 and 10 feet, respectively. But, length and width are not the only measurements to consider. You also need to check the height of a storage shed to make sure it will accommodate everything, especially the ladders. 

Any chances to expand in the future?

Take a good look at the objects you want to store, and you will be able to decide the size of a shed. But what about the future? It’s a great idea to be ready for that as well. As you upgrade the lawn maintenance tool or invest in some new garden furniture next year, you will need a storage space with a bigger footprint. 

What is the size of your garden?

All of us want to purchase a big storage shed that can luxuriously hold all the belongings and also give some space to pursue some interests and complete DIY projects. It’s a great desire to purchase something big and useful. However, make sure that the shed will look good in your yard or lawn. If you have a large-sized yard, then you can go for a 12 by 12 feet shed. On the other hand, if you own a small or medium-sized lawn, you cannot go bigger than eight by eight feet. 

Apart from the size of your yard, you have to consider several other things. 

  • Foundation. It should be one foot larger than the shed on each side. 
  • Aesthetics. The storage shed should look in line with your house. Match the color and design. 
  • Landscape. There should be an even space according to the size of the shed. Then you can think of its surroundings as well. Will it look good between the two trees in the corner? Or it will complement the flower bed? A shed should optimize the overall appearance of your lawn, garden, or yard. So, choose something that can add some more shine to your property. 

Are there any community regulations?

Building permits are the real decision-maker. In Virginia, any structure over 12X20 (256 square feet) requires a license. Some of the regions are under Zoning permit (name can change according to the area), wherein you have to inform the zoning office before any installation. So, check for such rules and restrictions before you invest in a shed. 


Once you know what size of storage shed you need, you can order one of the best sheds depending upon other preferences and requirements. Browse for various styles and built material on Amazon until you get something useful. A great shed will serve you for many years to come; you only have to find the right size and material available at a reasonable price. 

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