How to find a good nanny for your family?

Finding a nanny is important for a family with a small baby. Nannies are those who take care of small children in families with working parents. One can begin their nanny search by word of mouth or by going online and searching for them on the websites. It is also possible to find for nannies at the local message boards, college job boards and also by registering with a nanny placement agency. It is best recommended that parents give themselves at least three months’ time to find the best nanny for their little one. Let us discuss the different ways to find the best nanny.

Steps in finding a good nanny for the family:

1. Perform a family needs assessment:

Before searching for a nanny the first step is to look inward, because finding a successful nanny search is more about what type of parent you are, more than about the child. The most common mistake that parents make is not taking the time to figure out exactly what they need. Take a frank look at the specific situation, drill own the details and nuances and perform a detailed family needs assessment. 

2. Perform suitable candidates:

There are a number of less expensive channels that one can use to find the ideal candidate that will meet their specific needs. There are a number of websites such as Sittercity, Mommybytes, Craiglist, etc. that make it incredibly easy to brow for candidates for the post of nannies. Also, as mentioned before, it is also possible to search for the most suitable candidate with the help of nanny placement agencies, local message boards, university job boards, etc. 

3. Perform the basic screening:

After initiating contact with a good number of nannies, at least twenty of them, begin the screening process. This can be a quick telephonic conversation or through an email exchange with every single candidate to reconfirm if they will meet the requirements. This will help in narrowing down the list of candidates. Develop a personalized list of screening questions based on the FNA and assess the conversation with the help of a follow-up worksheet. This basic screening helps in narrowing down on the most suitable candidate for the position of a nanny. 

4. Perform reference checks:

Reference checks are the most crucial steps in the nanny screening process. This is also the single best way to get an honest and unfiltered picture of how well the nanny will fare in a particular job. Rather than finding out how well the nanny performed in her previous job, try to figure out how well she will flare with your current opening. After checking the applicants’ references, access what you have learned and refined the list of candidates furthermore.

5. Schedule a personal interview:

After narrowing down the list of prospective candidates, invite each one of them over to your house for a face to face chat. This way, it is possible to get a better sense of the personality and ask questions about her experience with changing diapers, lactose intolerance, peanut allergies, giving medicines, performing first aid, etc. Trust the first instincts as they help a great deal in finding out the best nanny candidate. It is also a good idea to have the children present during the interview, so as to analyze how the nanny responds, talks, and interacts with them. 

6. Trials:

Trials are absolutely mandatory in choosing the nanny. Most parents think that they can learn everything about a nanny in the first few hours of interaction. But it is not possible to get a truly clear picture of the candidate, especially how they will react in situations under pressure, how they will react to directions and how she can work with the mother as a team. Bring the top candidates to the home for a two full-day trial period. The trials reflect the reality of the job and it also gives ample time to assess the candidate. After the trial period, monitor the pros and cons of every single candidate and decide on the best fit.

7. Making an offer:

After fixing the proper nanny to hire, the next important step is coming up with a proper offer. The best way to avoid problems in this step is to structure the offer as a nanny/family work agreement. The best way to talk about salary and other perks is to put them on a paper so that it turns professional and not personal. The agreements offer clear set guidelines and expectations for the nannies on what to and what not to expect out of the job offer. Be clear on setting policies for vacation time, sick days and compensation for over time.

Final words:

These are some of the best and proven ways of choosing the best nanny to take care of children in the families of working parents. 

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