How to get a Spanish Citizenship?

Spain is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe. The enchaining lanes of Barcelona and the brilliant architecture of Madrid, the La Tomatina festival in the town of Bunol and even the brilliant cathedrals of Seville, make it difficult not to fall in love with the country once you visit these places. Millions of people visit this country as tourists and are left mesmerized with the beauty of the country. The amazing cities and the sweet citizens of the country are the main reasons why people feel comfortable and at peace whenever they are in this European country. 

Get Spanish citizenship with ease

With people visiting this country as tourists and visitors, a fraction of them also visits the place to get citizenship in order to stay in the country as a Spanish citizen. The process of getting citizenship includes a few steps, as is the case with the citizenship tests of almost every nation in the world today. To get permanent residence in Spain, one needs to have lived in the country for at least 5 years before applying. Only after living in the country for at least 10 years can one person apply for Spanish citizenship. There are obviously a few exceptions in some cases where people might receive their citizenship before the stipulated time. If one is married to a Spanish citizen or is a child of a Spaniard, then he or she can get citizenship easily. There are a few differences between citizenship and permanent residency, apart from that both are more or less the same.

Rules to get Citizenship in Spain

To acquire Spanish citizenship, one needs to adhere to some basic rules. Few of them were already mentioned. One should be living in Spain for at least 5 years before getting citizenship.   In case of marriage to a Spanish citizen or if one can prove that he or she is a child of a Spanish citizen, even if they were born outside the country, they may be eligible for Spanish citizenship. 

To apply for citizenship, one needs to be at least 18 years of age, or 14 years or above with the presence of legal aid or a legal guardian in case of a person below 14.

Apart from these, one needs to prove that he or she is an upstanding and respectable citizen of the country. This requires the person to have no prior criminal record and also a stable financial income. Also, the officials of the citizenship office will be checking whether or not the person is compatible with the Spanish lifestyle or not. 

If some forms of donations are made, based on the Spain citizenship by investment scheme, one can receive a Spain Second passport easily. 

After submitting a complete Spanish citizenship form along with the proper documents at the Civil Registry at the place where the person lives in Spain, one can expect their Spanish citizenship approval result in a very short time.

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