How to get from Sheffield and Doncaster to Doncaster Sheffield Airport?

Airport shuttles are always a bit stressful and often conducted are in a hurry. Everyone has been in the situation that there was a real chance to miss the flight. And what next? Wait until the next one and book it despite the outrageous price? Or resign and change plans and stay in Sheffield or in the neighborhood? Any situation that happens after you miss your flight is not in your favor. So, how not to miss the flight? 

The best solution is to be 45 minutes before the flight with just carry-on luggage and a small backpack. Be around one hour before the flight at the airport that is busy (the traffic reaches more than one million passengers yearly). How to get to Doncaster Sheffield Airport? Check three ways.

How to get from Sheffield to Doncaster Airport by Bus

If you are in Sheffield walk to Sheffield Interchange and take bus X6 that goes directly to Doncaster Airport. The service operates between Monday and Friday. The buses are scheduled between 05:35 and 22:05 Monday to Friday, and from 08:44 to 23:10 on Saturday and at 08:10 and 22:10 on Sunday. 

The whole journey takes around 1h and 15 minutes. 

How to get from Doncaster to Doncaster Airport by Bus

If you are in Doncaster center willing to get to Doncaster Airport go to Doncaster Interchange and catch 57a and 57c or X4 bus service to Doncaster Airport terminal. It goes Monday – Saturday between 5 am and midnight. The journey by bus takes around 25 minutes but watch out for departure hours. During working days the bus departs every half an hour while on Sundays it is once per hour. 

How to get from Sheffield to Doncaster Sheffield Airport by train

If you are in Sheffield trying to get to Doncaster Airport catch Transpennine Express that goes from Sheffield Station to Doncaster Interchange where you change for a bus that goes directly to the airport. In working days the train leaves every 20 minutes. The buses are as stated above. 

How to get from Doncaster to Doncaster Sheffield Airport by train

There is no train from Doncaster to Doncaster Airport. Look above to check for a bus. 

Take a look at the other cities and approximate time to get to Doncaster Airport:

  • From Leeds shuttle to Doncaster Airport it takes around 1:09 hour.
  • From York airport shuttle to Doncaster Airport it takes 1:03 hours.
  • From Rotherham bus and train shuttle takes around 1:08 hour. 

How to get by taxi service or mini bus hire to Doncaster/Sheffield

If you are looking for the most convenient and comfortable solution, choose Conrad Travel Sheffield Airport Taxi. The company operates around the clock, has an up-to-date and safe fleet that can carry both one or two people and big groups up to 7 passengers. 

The pick-up area depends on you – set it up as well as your destination – for example, Doncaster Sheffield Airport. Then, fill-up the form and set the payment method. Finally, get the confirmation email and a message on your phone with order details. With the vast range of vehicles starting from regular cars to 16 seater minibus hire options, you can choose the most comfortable drive suitable to your timing and needs. 

To sum up, there are various airport transfers from Sheffield or Doncaster to Doncaster Airport – choose the most affordable, convenient and timely option. Conrad Travel offers an attractive price to quality ratio!


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