How to Hire the Best Corporate Charter in the Gold Coast

Do you want something casual and fun for your unofficial corporate get-together? Try the corporate fishing charters popular on the Gold Coast.

As one of Australia’s best fishing destinations, the region has an alluring tropical climate that keeps the action high. Be it marlin, jewfish, or cobia, deep sea fishing in the Gold Coast offers a sheer variety of fish. 

One in every five Australians in this city claims to be a boating enthusiast, with one in 23 having access to a boat. About 34% of the population in Queensland, particularly in the Gold Coast, claims to go boating. You can also hire a professional corporate charter to make the most of your deep-sea fishing adventure. Here are a few valuable tips you can follow while hiring the best Gold Coast fishing charter.

Package Rates

The fact that these professional charters include everything, compromising on the price tag, is not sensible.

In the Gold Coast, typically, the average rates for personalised corporate charters are over $1000. See what packages and the type of boats they offer.

Some of the renowned charters here operate quality charter boats, accommodating as many as 30 people. Other charters in this city also include food and beverages. Ensure for the price you pay; you get the best service. 

The Trip Durations

The city has charters scheduling trips for half a day or a full day. Accordingly, the prices vary.

If you wish to spend an entire day with your colleagues, you can try some serious fishing, with waters reaching 200-330ft deep. Spending a couple of hours can get you to the best Marlin grounds on the Gold Coast.  

And, if you have time constraints, you can restrict your journey to half-day, visiting the Spit pontoon and Muriel Henchman Drive Main beach Gold coast.

See the options that the charter offers for the trip duration. Check the time of the day they schedule the cruise.

Quality of Vessels

Depending on your team size, you can decide the type of charter vessel.

The Gold Coast is the national centre for manufacturing boats in Australia, with the city’s boat building industry worth $330 million. About 70% of vessels purchased here are for some form of fishing.

Some charters operate boats of high quality eleven metre fibreglass charter vessels, powered by a 3208-turbo charged V8 Caterpillar diesel. Such watercraft can accommodate about 12 people. If your group is small, you can venture out on these boats for calm water fishing trips.

The other options are over 12 metres long and excellent for larger groups of up to 16 members. 

Check all the facilities it includes so that you and your group can safely fish as much as you want and have a gala time throughout the trip.

Locations Covered

See if the charter offering deep sea fishing in the Gold Coast is aware of all the city’s waterways.

Most Gold Coast fishing trips start at Main Beach, just 10 minutes from Surfers paradise. Some deep-sea charters may take you to Lady Musgrave Island and Fraser Island. In these locations, multiple hookups on five different species of Billfish are possible. 

The best tour starts from rocky reefs near the Seaway and moves toward the ocean. 

Check out the locations your charter covers and make sure they have extensive local knowledge so that you and your teammates have a pleasant day at sea. The same charters won’t have the same expertise further up the coast, for example, Wings Great Barrier Reef Tours specializes in charters around the Whitsundays and the Great Barrier Reef and will be able to show you the best spots around that area.

Fishing Techniques

The ultimate goal is to have fun and catch some fish.

The experienced boat crew in the Gold Coast knows how and where to find good fish. They will help you hook a jewfish, marlin, or any other big fish. Besides, they will also put you onto the bycatches like Yellowfin Tuna, Mahi Mahi, and Mackerel, in a reasonably quick time. 

Refund Policy

Typically, charters in this city require advanced notice for a full deposit refund for cancellation or change in your booking.

Do a thorough check of the refund policy, to identify any loopholes. Usually, you cannot hold the charter liable for any additional or indirect costs incurred.

Safety Measures

The charter crew in the Gold Coast has a good experience and know-how to ensure your safety at all times while you are on the boat. They include the safety measures, as the Queensland law dictates for a boating excursion. 

Generally, in the Gold Coast, the charters operate boats that are 20 to 60 ft long to handle the big and rough waves.

Queensland’s second-largest city, the Gold Coast, has made a name for itself as the destination for deep sea fishing in Australia. With a 43 miles coastline, the city boasts some of the most beautiful fishing spots in the country. Hiring a corporate charter can guarantee you and your colleagues’ excellent aquatic adventures to remember for a lifetime. 

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