How to Improve Cell Signal Inside Concrete Buildings

The Importance of the Mobile Phone

Mobile phones have changed the way we go about our daily lives. But no matter how much our mobile phones have great features like quality cameras, retina display, loud and clear speakers, and more, there are two things that we continue to rely on them for, and that’s calling and texting. 

Every day, we make calls and send texts to our families, friends, and colleagues for emergencies, updates, or simply to catch up. However, one problem that continues to prevail with using mobile phones, even with the latest and most high-tech ones, is the loss of signal, especially in certain buildings or even in certain areas in your home. 

It can indeed be quite frustrating as your text may fail to send, or your calls may not get through. In the end, you need to stand up and get out to find a good signal, which may defeat the purpose of the convenience of cell phones, which is supposedly instant communication. However, experts put forth the idea of installing a commercial cell phone booster to get rid of this signal breakdown. 

Why Cell Phone Signal Weakens Inside Buildings 

This is mostly because materials such as metal or concrete make it hard for radio frequency signals to go through. The signal waves are then deflected or distorted by the building’s walls. Hence why places such as the parking space in buildings, which have a lot of thick walls, often disrupt or weaken your cell phone coverage. 

Materials such as insulation, brick, stone, and even wood can disrupt your cell phone signal. Glass is also no exception, as some can cause the signals to bounce from the surface, especially when they have a metal-oxide coating. 

Other Factors Affecting Cell Signal

Being outside can also affect your signal. Take, for example, when you’re on a trip outdoors. Mountains and hills can absorb the signals, or you may be too far from cell towers. Thick vegetation also slows down the waves, the same way storms and fog do. 

Even riding a car can also block cell signals due to Glass and metal. 

Commercial Boosters: The Solution 

Office spaces and homes with weak cell signals inside can make use of a commercial cell phone booster. These boosters are devices that can bring inside the signal it detects outside. It then amplifies the signal inside of the building, therefore improving cell phone signals. It can also work on devices such as tablets and notebooks. 

In order for it to work, an outside antenna is also placed outside of the area, which works to capture the available signal. The amplifier then boosts the signal the antenna acquires. An inside antenna is also placed inside the building or the home, which works to distribute the signal. 

How Many Boosters Are Needed? 

If you need a signal inside of your home or only for a small space in your office, you may only need one commercial cell phone booster. If your space is bigger, then you may need more installed inside. Additionally, you have to take into consideration the size of the space inside and what kind of materials the structure is made of.

Cell phone boosters are also available online. However, if you are unsure if which one is best for your office or home and how many you need, you may need to contact a professional to get the best option. 

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