Beautifying our living spaces allows us to create an environment that is therapeutic and aesthetically pleasing. Indeed, it is an act of self-care to surround ourselves with charming aesthetics and appealing interiors. There are countless tips and tricks to make a room vibrant and eclectic without spending too much money. 

All it takes is a vibrant tapestry, a fresh coat of paint, colorful pillows and rugs, and attractive artwork. In this article, we will walk you through some tips to enhance the aesthetics of any living space in your home. 

Let’s get started, shall we?

Elegantly Framed Mirrors

Adding a mirror to a small room creates an illusion of spaciousness, making it look bigger and charming. You can experiment with a wide array of shapes, sizes, and materials. Mirrors with brass frames exude a classic charm that dominates the space with its retro appeal. 

You can also invest in a rustic wooden frame with rugged accents to create a countryside vibe. Sleek metal frames and rot iron exude a minimalist vibe that is ideal for contemporary spaces. The Mirror will also fill up the room with the brightness of sunlight, giving it an airy wholesomeness. 

Intricate Rugs

Rugs and carpets add dramatic texture and bring in a new color palette to enhance the aesthetics of a space. This is by far the easiest trick to beautify any given space and give it a refined personality. If you choose intricate designs, such as Moroccan rugs or Persian carpets, you can incorporate a bold character. 

The rug should be aligned with the color palette of the room and other fixtures, such as curtains, paint, and furniture. You can also choose a bold color palette to create a delightful contrast of popping hues. 

Wall Art

Incorporating wall art and fine art paintings create an artsy blend that exudes a dynamic character. You can pick out a wide array of abstract and graphic framed artwork in Australia. Naturally, the artwork you choose must appeal to your personality and the purpose of the room. In bedrooms, homeowners like to hang up their photographs and memories. 

Some prefer the vogue appeal of fashion editorials, magazine cover shoots, and glamorous wall art. While others prefer hanging prints of classic paintings by the Great Masters, living room and study spaces can be beautified with abstract and graphic art patterns to create a delightful burst of colors. 


Exquisite and well-preserved antiques are yet another masterful strategy to give a bold character to your room. Each antique has its personality and history, and when you add it to a living space, it adds charm. You can pick out antique lighting fixtures with hand-painted glass, or brass sculptures with rustic accents. 

You can also experiment with antique wall hangings, tribal handicrafts, or the highly coveted Venetian masks. There is an abundance of variety to explore, and we recommend you head out to explore your nearest antique stores. 

Green & Vibrant 

Indoor plants are an excellent strategy to clear out all of the pollutants and toxins from your environment. They serve the purpose of purifying the air and creating a relaxing ambiance. Plants, such as aloe vera, money plant, or the Chinese evergreen, are very easy to maintain and look after. They are not only good for the health, but they give the room a vibrant and brighter color palette. 

Pick out elaborately hand-painted pots or minimalist metal designs to place your indoor plants. Then, place them strategically around the room. Some plants can be placed by the window, near the sunlight, while others can be added behind fixtures and tables. You can also hang up some plants with makeshift ropes to create an eclectic jungle-like vibe. 

Artsy Wallpapers 

One of the easiest and trendiest investments to transform a room and give it a completely new personality. Wallpapers are easy to incorporate, and they guarantee an instant transformation. You can explore an endless variety of patterns, mosaics, and art in this trend. For instance, you can pick out rich textures with dark colors, or invest in wallpapers with elaborate abstract art. The idea is to pick out a pattern that will create a dynamic contrast with the wall paint and fixtures in the room. 


Another incredibly simple and easy trick to beautify the aesthetics of a room. Cushion Covers for your sofa cushions and floor cushions can make a huge impact. Try incorporating bright colors, Moroccan prints, and jungle prints to make them stand out and command attention.


You see, enhancing the aesthetics of a room doesn’t always require hundreds or thousands of dollars. You don’t need to undertake a complete makeover or even change the furniture. Invest in small yet meaningful makeovers, such as changing the cushion covers, or polishing the hardwood floor. 

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