How to keep your washer clear from the smell?

Every washer machine once it turns 5-7 years old, it starts to smell. However, how can you prevent that smell? First, identify the place where the smell is coming from. After that, employ a washer repair and maintenance person to do the job. 

After they are done with the cleaning, learn a few tips that can help you prevent the smell that is coming from the washer. Washing Machines are one of those few home appliances that can run for a very long time. You just need to know how to maintain and take care of it. 

Where can the smell be coming from?

Here are some parts of a washer that can cause smell along with how to clear the smell from the place:

  • From the hoses: 

Check all the hoses, especially the one where all the dirty water is emptied from the machine. There are high chances that the sludge could accumulate in this particular hose and that can cause a problem with the washer smell. Try and remove all the sludge from this part so that you can expel the odors. 

  • Check the drums: 

You need to check the drum of the washer because there could be dirt, lint, detergent build-up, limescale, etc which when mixed together could give off a pungent smell. It is better you clean the drum of the washer regularly to keep away from the smell and also you need to keep it open after you wipe everything with a wet cloth. Do not forget this step as it is quite crucial to do. 

You can also check the tub if there is any similar build-up. If that is the case, you can clean the drum and the tub so that you will be able to cut the strong odor there. 

  • From the door seal: 

Whether it is the front load or the top load, you will find that there is a significant amount of dust, the residue of dirt, etc which causes black color molds and buildup. Try to do dusting every day or weekly to remove this. It hardly takes 5 minutes. 

  • From the filters & Detergent drawer: 

You may have observed this that the old detergent when mixed with water for a few days causes a film to develop in the drawer. This is not good especially when you are in cold countries. There might be mildew or mold issues if you close your door completely. Hence, let it breathe for a while after washing the clothes. The limescale part could be extremely challenging but does not deter from cleaning that. 

How to solve this problem?

You can either call a washer repair and maintenance person to clean this part or use a homemade washer cleaner. It is available easily in the grocery stores for example Tide Washing Machine cleaner or Washer magic. If this is not readily available, you can make one at home. 

You would need a baking soda, white vinegar, and if possible a little lemon juice. Mix in equal proportions and add this solution to the machine’s detergent drawer. Then run an empty load with this solution. 

After the load is done, you can scrub off any remaining dirty areas with the sponge. Therefore, what happens over here is that you are cleaning to enhance the life of your washer. Your performance is getting better and you would also prevent an extra bacteria build up over here. This will help in substantially reducing any kind of odor. 


You can get to fix that bad smell with this simple at-home recipe and cleaning tips. If that is not happening, you can call the maintenance and appliance repair person to do it. 

These are very simple tips to do and keep doing this at regular intervals to eradicate the smell problem. You have a lot of other problems that you can take care of if you just keep your washer clean. Just do not forget to do weekly, monthly, and yearly maintenance. Do not shy away to use a washer repair personnel to help you fix and inspect things if at all there is any problem. 

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