How to Make A Workout Session More Effective?

Do you spend hours in the gym but don’t feel the results are as good as they should be? The possibility is that your workouts are not as effective as they should be. It is possible to get maximum results in less time than you think. The following are the tips that I have learned over time. But I am neither a professional trainer nor a psychist. So, you should talk to your trainer and doctor and be clear and quick if you have any medical issues like a heart condition or achy joints. Put your workout shirts and shorts on and make your sessions effective. It is still better to talk to your trainer and doctor beforehand and follow what they suggest. 

Working out

Slow lifting

Slow lifting lets your muscles contract and expands properly and completely. This way the effectiveness of workouts increases giving off better results. For a guideline, your lift motion should last about 5 seconds and so should your drop. 

Heavier weight

Do not directly start with the heaviest weight. Instead, pick the one you are comfortable with. Once you feel it is not enough to move on to the one-step heavier. Do not sacrifice the form to life heavier because it can lead to pain and injuries. 

Pick the right weight

Too heavyweight will cause problems like improper form and injury risk while too lightweight won’t give the needed results. Thus, if you see your form disturbed it means the weight is heavier than it should be. If you are done with workout without any problem the weights are lighter. If you feel struggling in the last two or three reps then weights are just fine. 

Compound exercises

Instead of isolation exercises go for compound exercises. These workouts work on multiple muscles at once and a few of these can give you a full-body workout. Because different muscles are working together the body gets stronger and learns to keep its balance. Bicep curls, deadlifts, squats, planks lunges, pushups, bench presses, military presses, rows, pullups, dips, etc. are a few examples.

Balance lifting

Machine workouts are good but when you don’t have anything to support the body has to work more, keep the balance and stabilize itself. The core muscles come into play and make the body stronger overall. You might have to lift lighter but the results would be better. 

Mix it up

Doing the same workouts for too long loses its effectiveness because the body adjusts itself to that level. Thus, changing the routine every few months is better than sticking to the same. 

Good form

Proper form is fundamental either you are lifting weights, doing cardio or swimming. Improper form leads to pain, sprains, and injuries. Having a personal trainer or some trained professional with you to teach and spot if the form is not correct is better and helpful. 

High-intensity workouts

Beginners should start slow and light regardless of the type of workout. Take a month or so to build your endurance and make the body adjust to it. Then gradually start increasing the intensity and pushing yourself. As you go one step forward the effectiveness will start showing up. HIIT is also great for weight loss. 

Limit workouts time

Some people tend to extend their workout sessions to more than 90 minutes. If you are also making the same mistake then read this. After the first 40 minutes, the body is almost completely worn out if you are doing everything right. To continue you would have to reduce the intensity which won’t give as effective results. So, higher intensity 30-50 minutes of workout is better than a long extended one.



Protein is important and needed to keep and repair muscles. If you don’t eat enough you won’t get the required results, either you are trying to lose fat or gaining mass. There are many forms or good protein you can eat like eggs, meat, fish, soy protein, and protein powders. 

After you are done with the workout, muscles are tired and hungry for protein. Before taking your tank top and joggers off as you reach home to try to eat a high protein diet. Maybe drink a protein milkshake. 


Another important factor in the diet is carbohydrates. Crazy low carb diet is harmful but too high carb diet is not as beneficial either. As carbs are the main source of energy and power you need to eat plenty. If you don’t the body will start deforming muscles to get the needed energy. in the result of which you will become weak. Workout or not carb is important. Oats, wheat, and banana are great sources among many others.

Food and water


Another very important but often forgotten part of the diet plan is water. Water is as important as eating is, without it, you would have to face issues. Plus, the body requires several hours to absorb the water so do not drink right before and during the workouts. Instead, hydrate throughout the day with regular water intake. Click here if you are looking for Ryderwear vs Gymshark.

Rest and Recovery

Getting enough rest

The rest and recovery period are needed by the body to repair itself. Like, if you keep on running a car that needs repair and maintenance it might cover a few miles more but soon it will break down. Having at least one day off is essential in a week. And 6-8 hours of quality sleep is one of the best things for recovery. 

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