How to Make Your Home Lighting More Fun

The lighting in our home is the one fixture that has the power to change the ambiance and overall look of the place. So why not play around with it? Make it better than the already existing ordinary lights? People usually pick out lighting fixtures when moving into a new place or during renovation time. 

There are different kinds; floor lamps, table lamps, chandeliers, ceiling lights, wall lights, and something fairly new called LED strip lighting – each that brings about its own look to the place. 

But let’s bring you a bit further into the present day. Have you heard of Smart Lights? Ones that provide some means of automation and are remote as well as voice-enabled control? Whether you have or if this is the first time you’ve heard of it, Smart Lights will probably be the best thing you would invest in for your home.

Why Invest In Smart Lighting 

1. Provides Automation

Smart Lights are lauded for one particular, obvious reason: automation. Just like any and all smart products such as smart thermostats, smart kitchen appliances, etc., smart lights can be controlled through their respective mobile apps. These apps are downloadable onto our smartphones, tablets, and even some laptops. But that’s not all, they are also compatible with certain voice assistants, allowing for voice-enabled control of the lighting.

2. Energy Efficient 

With automation comes zero space for carelessness. Given that you can switch the lights on or off with their respective mobile application or with a simple voice command, it doesn’t leave you with any excuse to explain why the bathroom lights were left on as you stepped out, or why the porch lights were still on at 10 a.m. 

Smart lighting offers an additional feature with a lot of its variants where users can set schedules for each individual smart light within the premises. Or, simply use the benefit of having a voice assistant to set these schedules if the smart light doesn’t offer the particular feature.

3. Easy to Install 

There’s no need for additional lighting fixtures or the need for a professional to step in and assist. Smart lights are super easy to install by yourselves. If you didn’t already know, they are available in the form of smart light bulbs that can be fixed into any existing lighting fixture, including your chandeliers, ceiling lights, floor lamps, LED spotlights, and LED strip lights too.

This brings us to this. Here are some smart lights that you can use to make your home’s lighting system seem more fun. They’re ideal for domestic households, and you won’t even have to replace any new lamps or lights that you’ve just bought. 

Switch up Your Home Lighting System

1. Play Around With Colors with Sengled Smart LED Multicolor Bulbs

You would find that generally, smart light bulbs are available in packs of two, and if not, that’s always the better option than getting a singular bulb for a higher price as opposed to the price of two. Anyway, Sengled’s Smart Multicolor Bulbs will probably be your best investment for your home. 

Available in packs of 2 for $15.99, these bulbs connect to the home Wi-Fi network and can be controlled via the Sengled Home Mobile App. They’re also compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant for enabling voice control.

But other than being accessible through smartphones and voice-enabled control, which is pretty cool in itself, the Sengled LED Bulbs can change from white to warm tones. They feature more than 16 million colors to choose from, with a brightness level that can be adjustable to your liking as well. 

2. WIZ Motion Sensor

An alternative to using smart bulbs is installing a motion sensor that can control all the lighting in a room. And that is why the WIZ Motion Sensor is your best bet. Retailing for $24.99, this wireless motion sensor for your indoor lighting can turn your lights on or off based on motion detection – again another stride towards conserving energy by starting small. 

The WIZ Motion sensor is not only to control your lights switching on or off, but also to control the light mode. You can set the sensor to dim the lights or even close them entirely after a few seconds of there being no movement within the area. Its motion detection range is about 9 feet. 

3. Philips Hue Calla Outdoor Pathway Light

When we talk about making your home lighting more ‘fun’, that doesn’t only apply to indoor lighting. With the Philips Hue Calla Outdoor Pathway Light, you can even make your yard lighting smart and fun too. 

The Calla Light just has to be connected to a power source and the rest you can control the light with your phone or through voice control when synced to a voice assistant. If you connect it to the Hue Bridge (sold separately), you can unlock several more features. 

The light is made from aluminum which makes it weatherproof. And it doesn’t only feature the basics, warm or white lights – it offers over 16 million colors you can choose from. Perfect for all the garden parties and definitely would come in handy on Halloween. 

Head on over to and check out some more smart lighting options that you can use within your existing lighting fixtures, or install in your home for a new look. 

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