How to pick the right Triple Monitor Stand

If you observe the workforce today, several professionals have a need for more than one monitor. They are graphic designers, IT specialists, software and web developers, and even gamers. Now for every gamer or graphic designer, the challenge is how to arrange them conveniently and aesthetically for a better working or gaming experience. To solve this problem, there’s one thing they all want in life: a heavy-duty and full-motion triple monitor stand.

There are a lot of these in the world — all have many promising features and sleek designs. How do you choose which one to is good for you? You must have strong criteria so you must know exactly which type of monitor stand you prefer. Here’s how to pick the right triple monitor stand!

  • Improves productivity and efficiency

The big reason why people need more than one monitor is to get more work done in a shorter period of time. You can do multiple things on each screen increasing one’s productivity. If you’re an editor rendering your video on one monitor, you can respond to emails on the other one while waiting for it to finish. Dual or triple configurations will make a difference in your work.

  • Compatible with your monitors

Whatever you do, always consider the compatibility of the mount to your monitors. Check the weight capacity range, size specification, and the mounting bracket. This will ensure a perfect fit that holds it better.

  • Adjustable to any position

How can you not love the idea of something that’s customizable? Make sure that you can tilt, swivel or rotate the screens to your preferred angle, level or position for your convenience. Surely, many professionals need to do this for a better work performance like sound mixers or graphic designers.

  • Has cord management

One of the satisfying moments in looking at a desk is when cords are neatly organized or nowhere in sight. It’s a bit of an eyesore and a hassle to keep at bay. So having cord management as one of the features of your monitor stand is a huge plus.

  • Stable and secure

Lastly, you do not want one of your monitors to suddenly fall and crash in the middle of your work or your game. So it should be able to hold the weight of your monitors securely. An example of a good mount is it has a weighted base to prevent wobbles and movements while you do your thing.

Jestik Horizon Triple Horizon

When looking for the perfect triple monitor stand, you should definitely consider one from Jestik. It has everything you’re looking for from functionality to design to stability. The Jestik triple monitor stand is customizable, versatile and durable. It has a weighted base, cable management system and even an anti-theft kit to protect your monitors. On top of all of that, they provide a Jestik VIP warranty that allows you a 12-month manufacturer’s guarantee and a 30-day money-back guarantee. Jestik is indeed one of the best brands in the market and you can rely on it to upgrade your workstation the best way possible.

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