How To Prepare Your First Backpacking Trip

Ok, this year does not happen. No more bracelets of the Caribbean, goodbye to group travel, ended up pulling the suitcase … Today you welcome your brand new backpack and you start traveling on your own! Where to start

You are not the only one who has faced this dilemma, to direct your own journey and not go hand in hand with anyone. Maybe for others, it was a year, or two, or ten years ago, but more and more people like you are going to the “less easy” side right now, while you read this article, and that is none other than backpacking or independently. Well, this article is for you where we are going to shed light on some shadows so you can see that traveling in this way is easier than you could imagine at first. Surely some travelers with more experience are encouraged with the comments to complete the information that we will present here.

Plan ahead of time

If you have already decided that you are going to make a trip with a backpack, we know that the first thing you are going to have to do is convince your parents that you are not going to war. We don’t know anyone who travels to a distant country for the first time with the sole help of a travel guide, plane ticket and a backpack, and that his parents (and some friends) have not dropped pearls like:

To which country? 

And what are you going to eat there?

Be careful that they will put drugs in your backpack

You are crazy, how well you are here

Well, I’ve seen on TV (or Fulanito has told me) that in that country … (and then they will release the most rugged news you may have heard in your life)

In these cases, it is best to show you some Spanish roll videos around the world, traveling strays, and that they themselves see with their own eyes that, apart from the negative arguments established in the collective memory of such an immature country In this aspect like Spain, there are people who travel on their own enjoying that country and nothing happens.

Choose the destination of your trip

After giving the scare at home and once they are getting to the idea it is time to choose destiny. We know that a country is not the same as another, so we recommend choosing one that is easy, that does not involve a great cultural shock, that has facilities such as those you already have and that is familiar with tourism.

Travel health

Many times prevention is the best medicine. Acts as simple as washing your hands with soap before each meal reduces cases of diarrhea by almost half, as well as other types of diseases caused by germs. Using a mosquito net to sleep prevents mosquito bites and therefore decreases the chances of contracting diseases such as malaria or dengue, apart from always avoiding spray repellent. 

Avoiding eating salads or raw foods in places where hygiene shines through their absence will also be appreciated by your body, as well as drinking only bottled and sealed water (or beer …). The use of sunscreen is another good action to take into account as it will prevent burns that can get worse, especially in beach areas.

The backpack and travel gear

The star product of your backpacking trip could not be other than the backpack ( traveling with a backpack has many advantages ) but which one to buy? To get to the point our recommendation is not to travel with a backpack larger than 50L. We know that on the first trip the tendency is to want to take half a house on your back, but from experience, we advise you not to look like a donkey. We leave you a list of what we carry when we travel:

A pair of pants (can be one long and one short or both short)

A couple of shirts (we will buy more if we need or if we see any that we like on the trip)

A pair of hiking shoes with a pair of socks

Some flip flops

2 or 3 pieces of underwear

A travel bag without plastics

A small towel that dries quickly

The travel kit

Bug repellent

With a 35L backpack, it is ideal to carry the above and travel comfortably, but we also know that during the trip you will buy things to give away or take back, so the 50L backpack will allow you to fit everything. Ideally, take it half empty and finish filling it during the trip. You can take a look at the following video where we explain our backpack for a long trip.

You cannot always count on your smartphone

No matter whether it is a trip to big city or backpacking in the mountain, it is essential to carry personal GPS trackers for you and your team members. With personal tracking devices, everyone can share real-time location on the phone app even when there’s no cellular service. 

If you encounter an emergency, you can send SOS signals to others without cell service. GoFindMe is one of the best GPS tracking devices for personal use. The battery lasts as long as 72 hours, and the tracking range can reach up to 5 kilometers. What’s more, there’ s no monthly fee for this tracking device.

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