How to Refresh Your Wardrobe This Season

Stuck in a rut with your wardrobe right now? You are not alone. Standing in front of your closet and feeling so frustrated at the lack of both inspiration and just outfits to wear, is never fun, so why waste any more of your precious time doing that? Refreshing that closet doesn’t have to take up an entire day, you simply need to invest a little time and maybe a little money and you’ll find yourself with a collection that feels as good as new! How do you get yourself there, you ask? Read on to discover how you can refresh your wardrobe this season…

Clear It Out 

First things first, you should have a bit of a clear out. A wardrobe that’s crammed full of clothes that you don’t wear either because you don’t like them or you can’t see them is useful to precisely no one. Pull everything out and begin on your fresh start by separating your collection into three piles, keep, donate, or sell and throw away. Anything that’s worse for wear and beyond mending should be thrown, anything that you haven’t worn in a year or that you just don’t reach for can be sold or donated to charity and your keep is what you know you’ll wear, you’re tried and tested favorites. 

Gather Some Inspo 

Now that you’ve got some space on your hands, you might be able to see a few holes in your clothing collection. Before you hop online or head out for a leisurely window shop, you’ll need to get a little inspiration going. You’re likely reading this because you’re fed up with the pieces that you already have, so, instead of making that mistake again take the time to research styles, different decades, and a few fashion icons of yours. Create a mood board on Instagram, Pinterest, or through good old fashioned college and you’ll see an overarching aesthetic direction that will guide you on your shopping endeavors. 

Do Your Homework 

Do your homework and take your time to make the very best decisions possible. This means educating yourself on the quality differences in fabrics, the cuts that you feel fit you best and various styling ideas for pieces that you’re interested in! This ties into your inspiration hunt, and again will avoid you making any spur of the moment decisions that you regret down the line. 

Invest in Classics

If you’re missing a few core closet essentials, adding them in will really make all your outfits feel fresher and more exciting. These are timeless items like crew neck tee shirts, silk camis, slip dresses, blazers, button-up shirts, straight leg denim, cotton chinos leather sneakers and ankle boots. Items like this last you for years and years, plus they never, ever go out of style. 

Shop New In 

For pieces that are a little more unique, check out the new in women’s clothing section of your favorite brand. New in threads are on-trend, contemporary, and oh so exciting, basically perfect for hitting refresh on your clothing collection. Make sure you follow the previous steps and research properly before you invest your money. 

How to Refresh Your Wardrobe This Season

Always Accessories 

Remember that your accessories can make a big difference to your outfits. A few statement earrings, layered chain necklaces, cute hair accessories, or a killer pair of heels can make all the difference. Think about adding to your accessory collection for a quick and easy style reinvention. 

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