How to relax and be calm post an emotional event

Humans go through multiple events that can have enormous emotional repercussions. It could be a breakup or a similar event. When you feel emotionally vulnerable because of circumstances that take place, you may not feel in control of yourself. You don’t know what to do to overcome those feelings. Even when you have a breakup, you may feel hopeless, helpless, and sometimes worthless. But you need to focus on today, the current moment, and try to be positive. You do need to start focusing on yourself and learn to be calm. 

Acceptance and being calm is more important than trying to find happiness immediately. It is a step by step process, so slowly you need to move on. You could do multiple things to try to relax. Once I posted a confession for a friend and she got so many responses. She felt like she wasn’t alone and found support with so many women who had gone through the same thing. Here are a few more things you could do to be calm and relaxed.

Breathing exercises – Deep breaths whenever you feel overwhelmed does work. It isn’t just something that is found on the internet at random. It actually works. Try taking deep breaths and focus on it. They should be slow and deep and soon you will find yourself relaxing. Another method is to focus on an object and to start describing it in your head. That will help you refocus and calm down.

Meditation – Meditation is something that many swear by. It isn’t just sitting with your eyes closed, but a lot more. It is also about focusing your mind at the right places, regulating your breathing, and trying to let the bad energy out. I had gone for a short meditation session and the instructor asked us to sit straight and be relaxed. He asked us to visualize all bad energy leaving my body with deep breaths out and then imagining a white light entering the body with each breath in. Very surprisingly this worked for me in getting to sleep. I would lie down instead of sitting up and take deep breaths, falling asleep in seconds.

Redoing your room – You could try to decorate bedrooms in your house and it could be your own. This will focus your attention somewhere else and help you in forgetting about your pain for a while. Try painting the room or add new curtains. Take up a DIY project to change the look of your bedroom and don’t stop until finished. When I had gone through a breakup, I managed to not lose it by doing cross-stitching. I did four table covers, pillow covers, and 2 bedsheets, all full of cross stitch patterns, embroidered over four months. I, fortunately, didn’t shatter and came through a little while later.

Cook– It has been found that baking helps people in relaxing. That is why many stress bake or stress cook. One of my friends would always bake a batch or two of chocolate cupcakes whenever she was under stress. She said that she felt much better as there was something very therapeutic about the whole process of measuring, mixing and watching the mix rise to form beautiful cakes. Even cooking can work to calm your mind while you chop and sauté away. It is quite relaxing when you make something from your own hands and all your focus is on your creation.

Interacting with a confession page – This is one that I spoke about a little earlier as well. But it isn’t limited to a page, you can also find online support forums and groups who can help you in overcoming your discomfort.

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