How To Treat Dark Spots Quickly And Effectively?

Dark spots are caused due to your skin creating high amounts of melanin, which leads to hyperpigmentation. Though this is a natural occurrence, it is better to treat these spots as they can alter the way you look and hamper your appearance. There are many different treatments for dark spots that people can look into. Some of the most effective ones are listed below: 

Start with the basics – Sunscreen

The overproduction of melanin can occur due to prolonged exposure to the sun, and this can often result in dark spots. In fact, your dark spots can even become darker with continual exposure to the sun. A broad-spectrum sunscreen that protects your skin from the UVA and UVB rays of the sun can help you prevent and lighten dark spots considerably. 

Go for the tried and tested solution – Hydroquinone

Hydroquinone has been used to treat dark spots for more than 50 years now and is basically considered the gold standard when it comes to treating dark spots. You can even get this over the counter, as long as the product you’re buying has less than 2% of this ingredient in it. In general, it can take anywhere between 8-12 weeks to get rid of dark spots by using this treatment.

Get with the times – Laser treatment

Laser treatment is a popular avenue to explore when it comes to dark spots. In this treatment, a focused bean of light is used in order to treat the hyperpigmentation. Usually, this is alternated with a cooling blast in order to prevent any damage to the skin. Patients may have to undergo anywhere between 1-6 treatments, depending on how stubborn the dark spots are. Remember that you can only get this treatment from a registered dermatologist

Step on board the latest trend – Microdermabrasion

Thanks to many celebrities and their Instagram accounts, Microdermabrasion is the latest fad when it comes to skin care. The diamond tip exfoliator helps sand away dead skin cells, along with highly pigmented ones, leading to flawless looking skin. However, like laser treatments, this is something that only a licensed dermatologist should do. Additionally, you may need anywhere between 1-4 treatments to fully get rid of your dark spots.

Enrich your skin – Vitamin C!

Vitamin C is very good for your skin, no matter what skin problem you have. One of the reasons why this is a popular treatment is because it prevents free radicals from damaging the skin. It also slows down an enzymic process that leads to the production of melanin in the skin, which can be very helpful for preventing dark spots in the future. 

These treatments can help you get rid of dark spots, however, before you go out and sign up for any of these, do make sure you consult with a dermatologist first. Go for leading Dermatologist in your locality who can help you combat any skin conditions you may be suffering from. 

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