How to Update Video Drivers in Windows 10 Easily

Drivers play an important role to keep your hardware synced with the operating system. You get device drivers installed on your system when you buy it brand new. These drivers are small piece of software that ensures the installed devices on your PC run well. Drivers help Windows to communicate with your PC’s hardware for seamless user experience.

Here, you get regular updates for drivers to keep them working well. Many of these drivers also get updated with software updates on regular intervals. Thus, you shouldn’t worry about those updated drivers. But there remain certain drivers that don’t get updated at all. Here, you need to find and update these drivers for better performance. To do this, you can use built-in driver updater utility or third-party tools for instant results. Let’s discuss how to update drivers (video) on Windows 10 easily.

Try Manual Method

Under manual method, you get an option to update drivers one-by-one. This built-in utility helps you update all drivers on your PC to deliver seamless user experience. If you have recently noticed that certain devices on your system aren’t working well, then it’s time to fix it by updating drivers. To do this, follow below mentioned steps.

  • Search & select Device Manager in the search box on the taskbar.
  • Once you are on Device Manager window, search & expand category of device for which you want to update driver for.
  • Once selected, right-click on it and select Update Driver option.
Driver Updater Software

Try Third-Party Driver Updater Software

Now that you have tried manual method to update drivers if you find it cumbersome, then you have a better solution to update drivers on your PC. Here, you can try best driver updater utility to do this automatically. While there are tons of these tools available online, here, we have shortlisted one of these best tools called Advanced Driver Updater.

Use Advanced Driver Updater

Use Advanced Driver Updater

Advanced Driver Updater offers quick & effective solution to help you update drivers in bulk. It deep scans your system storage to find all outdated drivers and updates them for peak performance. It helps you get best out of your hardware devices. For example, with up-to-date display driver, you will be able to access all your screen’s features and with up-to-date graphics & audio drivers, you will be able to enjoy high-end music and video features.

Features of Advanced Driver Updater

Update Outdated Drivers

It helps you scan, download, and install all types of drivers on your PC automatically. This powerful Pc driver updater utility helps you update drivers on regular intervals so that you can experience best usage from installed devices.

Driver Exclusion List

It offers driver exclusion feature. This feature allows you to exclude any driver from the scan process. Once excluded the selected driver will not scan in future scan and also doesn’t appear in the scan results or will be updated. Here, you can exclude any driver from scan process based on compatibility issues.

Backup and Restore

It takes backup of your existing drivers for safe updating process. Here, you can reinstall old drivers if you find new drivers aren’t compatible and causing trouble. It is one of the best features of this tool that gives you greater control over driver update process.

Scheduled Driver Scan

This another useful feature of Advanced Driver Updater that helps you schedule a driver scan process to save your time. You can use this tool to run one time update every month to keep all device drivers up-to-date.

Full Compatibility

It shows full compatibility with all latest operating systems including Windows 10.

So, this was a quick review on how to update drivers on Windows 10. Do try these steps and don’t forget to share your experience or suggestions in the comments below.


Windows offers built-in utility to help you update drivers on your PC. Additionally, you can also try third-party driver updater tools for instant results. Let’s discuss more here.

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