How to upscale your parenting methods with technology?

As traditional parenting methods is deem to ineffective thanks to modern technology, distractions in form of online games, social media and Youtube viewing can mess up your prepped schedule for the day. 

Now that we are still in a global pandemic, the rise of over usage in technology for children aged as early as 6 years old become prominent. 

In a recent study conducted by NortonLifeLock in the UK, out of 1000 UK children, 60% of them have gone beyond their mandated digital screen time.  Because of that, parents are getting more concerned with their children’s health and well-being. 

To address the time kids spend in scrolling through social media, playing online games, and watching videos, smart parents are incorporating new ways to upscale their parenting methods with technology. 

Ways on how to upscale your parenting methods with technology

1. Create a digital rewards system for your children

As most parents want to groom their children in ways they must learn to work hard for the things they want to earn, creating a reward and punishment system can help parents monitor their children’s capability to do their chores, homework, and more in time. 

Since the use of traditional board and marker reward writing system is can be erased or tampered by your children, the use of digital rewards system apps is a better alternative to have. 

Through the use of digital rewards system apps, you can always check your children if they have accomplished the task you have given them and set points for the reward each child asks. 

2. Use Google Calendar to set your Children’s daily or weekly schedule

If there is one thing that saves a parent from forgetting its child most awaited event that is the family calendar that is placed in the common area for easy Web Acces and review. 

But the space provided by physical calendars is can be insufficient for multiple one day events, a better alternative such as online calendars like Google Calendar can help fill the space insufficiency. 

Through the use of it, smart parents can upscale their calendar scheduling online and instantly share them with their family with a few taps. 

3. Create an online checklist for your family’s night routine

To help your children have a sensible night routine, creating an online checklist for them is great for easy task monitoring and editing. Through this, your children can tick the checklist and will notify you if they are done with the task they checked. 

4. Set a screen time limit on all your devices

Kids today spend more time on screen than doing physical activities. And because of that, many children suffer from poor eyesight and frequent headaches. To solve this issue, parents should limit their children’s screen time by integrating the use of parental controls apps into your household devices as smartphones, tablets, and PC. Through this, you can set the time your children have to enjoy watching, playing or learning online with these devices. 

5. Scan your children’s creative work for safekeeping 

As a proud parent, it is important for you to keep a copy of your children’s creative works. To do this, you can use a digital scanner app to your phone and snap an image to save and keep it for a long time by uploading the images to a cloud service. 

If you want to showcase one of you children’s works at home, you can always convert the image into a QR code and make it a weekly routine. For this to happen, you can always incorporate the use of an image QR code and let your family scan and view the featured works of other family members. 

Sync with QR codes 

Now that you can upscale your parenting methods with technology, syncing them from one device to another is can be a hassle for you and your family. As you need to individually sign your parenting apps account to every device in your household, setting up a working parenting apps system to 5 or more devices takes more time. 

Because of that, many smart parents are looking for a better alternative to instantly share their planned activities and events. And one effective alternative that they can use is QR codes. 

Parents can use them to store PDFs of their children’s works, convert images into a QR code; shorten calendar access process by just scanning them and many more. 

And to deploy these codes for your family, it is important to choose the best QR code generator that can provide you with a simple yet functional QR code generation interface. 


Whether you believe it or not, most parents find parenting to be a tough job to manage. As they are experimenting different existing and novel ways to groom their children to become a sensible and responsible individual for the future, technological distractions keeps them from finding better parenting results. 

As the future of parenthood is partnered with technology, modern parents upscale their parenting methods with it and make every moment counts with a few taps from their devices. 

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