If You Are Locked Out of Your House, Here’s What You Need to Do

Can you imagine a day when you find out that the keys to your house have been lost? You don’t have an extra pair, and it is the middle of the night. You can’t connect with anyone to ask for help. So, what to do in such a situation? This is what this article will take care of. Read it, and find out about the things that you can do before calling a locksmith in Roswell. Do remember that if these tips don’t work, don’t try too hard, and simply call the local locksmith who will come to your house, and unlock the door for you. The thing is, no one should feel that you are trying to break into the house, and protect the windows and the main door lock from getting damaged, else, you will end up paying a huge ton of money to fix it. 

Step 1

Before panicking and doing anything, go and check all the windows of your house. Is there a window that is open or at least half-open? If yes, you can try opening it completely and getting inside the house to get the second pair of keys or unlock the door from the inside. Most people keep one of the windows unlocked. Therefore, you can try that out.

Step 2

If there isn’t a single open window, try to use your credit card. If you don’t know how to use it, probably, a DIY video will be helpful. However, try it if only you are confident, else don’t. Try to swipe your card as you do to a POS machine through the crack, and at the same time try to jiggle the doorknob. See, if that works. If you can’t do it, don’t try too hard. The doorknob might get damaged. Call a locksmith in Atlanta for help. 

Step 3

If you are staying in a rented apartment, you may try calling your landlord. You might have shared a pair of keys with them in case of an emergency. Do the same with your close relatives and friends. Try to think who you might have handed over the extra pair of keys. If someone has it, your problem is solved then and there. Tell them to come or go to their place to pick up the keys. After that, don’t forget to order for a spare key, though. Lockout situations are dreadful, but they do happen. 


Step 4

Your neighbours might be able to help you out in this case too. If someone is a pro in opening a locked door, that person might come handy today. So, call your neighbours who you are familiar with, and see if anyone can help you in unlocking the door. Before calling a locksmith, you may want to call your neighbours too. However, don’t think that getting in touch with a locksmith will be a hassle. Just to save some time, you may want to try this tip.

Step 5

If none of the above steps has worked, then the last, and the only option that you are left with is calling a locksmith for help. Try all the tips as mentioned above if you are confident. Otherwise, straightaway call the local locksmith for help. Now, because you are locked out of your house, the locksmith will ask for your house proof, ensure that you have that ready with you. 


It is always better to get help from the locksmith beforehand. If you ever face a lockout situation, and you are in Roswell or Atlanta, you can get in touch with Quick Pro Locksmith for assistance.

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