Importance of Graphics in the Online Gaming Industry

There has been tremendous growth in the online gaming industry, especially in the last decade. 

There are many reasons behind this growth that includes the evolution of mobile gaming, integrated gaming platforms in social media platforms like Facebook. 

Online games are now accessible even through the smallest devices and are not only limited to entertainment now. People are earning real cash from online games platforms such as M88, PlayRummy, etc. 

There are multiple factors that play a crucial role in the success of an online game. However, the most important factors that engage a user are Graphics. Nobody wants to play a game with bad graphics, especially after the technological advancements. 

So how important do you think graphics are for online gaming? Let’s check out. 

Importance of Graphics In Online Gaming

Below are the reasons that describe the significance of graphics in online gaming. 

1. To Outrank Competition

Online gaming is a competitive industry. It’s important to keep an online gaming platform up to date with technological advancements, which include graphics, authenticity, and many other factors. 

Graphics is one of the major factors with which many platforms are able to outrank their competitors and maintain their audiences. 

Because nobody wants to play a game with shabby and old-school graphics. 

2. Gaming Experience

No matter how many efforts you are putting in bringing more and more traffic to your online gaming website. It will all go in vain if the gaming experience is not up to par or unable to attract your visitors. 

The gaming experience is important in the user perspective and graphics to improve the overall gaming experience. Now games are more realistic, which ultimately provides a high-quality gaming experience that a user enjoys. 

3. 3D Graphics vs Old-School 2D Graphics

Improvement in graphics is not something that happened in a day or two. It has evolved one step at a time, and now it’s the generation of 3D graphics that replaced the old-school 2D graphics. 

One of the key benefits of 3D graphics is that it has boosted the possibilities for a player in terms of directions, vision, movement, and much more. 

There are many gaming examples such as racing games, shooting games, and arena fighting games that can make you feel the importance of 3D graphics 

Some Popular Online Games with High-end Graphics 

There is a huge list of online games that can be covered under this topic. However, we will cover some popular ones with high-end graphics. 

1. Zynga

Zynga is one of the giants in the online gaming industry. It offers some popular games with high-end graphics that include Zynga Poker, Farmville, Farmville2, Solitare, and many others. 

Zynga is a U.S. based company established in the year 2007. Apart from the online website, it lets you play its games via mobile applications and Facebook. 

Zynga has a mutual agreement with Facebook and launched Farmville, Poker, Farmville 2, and Words with Friends 2 on Facebook. 

Farmville has launched on Facebook in 2009 and gained over 10 million users per day within a short time period of one and a half month.

If we talk about the overall game experience of Zynga games, we can consider it as one of the high-quality games available in the market and people are fond of these games.  

2. Miniclip

Miniclip is one of the most popular platforms when it comes to online gaming since 2001. It has a huge number of games of different categories that include puzzles, board games, racing games, sports games, multiplayer games and much more. 

It is known as a website that owns the largest database of privately owned online games. Apart from the online website, Miniclip games can be played via its mobile applications on Android, Symbian, Windows, and iOS.

Some of the popular games of Miniclip are Gravity Guy, 8 Ball Pool, Bloons Tower Defense, and MiniMilitia. It even released its popular games for Windows 8, Xbox One, PC, and even PS4. 

If we talk about graphics, obviously a high-quality gaming platform is popular for its gaming experience and user-friendliness. 

3. PUBG Mobile and PUBG PC 

PUBG has gained a huge amount of popularity in a very short time period. It was initially released in 2016, and since then it’s growing exponentially in terms of users, popularity, revenue, and whatnot. 

In fact, there are multiple global and domestic PUBG tournaments being organized with a chance to earn a high prize pool. 

As of 2019, PUBG Corp and Tencent (Company behind PUBG Mobile) have reported total revenue of over 900 million dollars. It has been released for Mobile (Android and iOS), PC (Microsoft Windows), and Gaming consoles (PS4 & Xbox One).

It can be considered as one of the most high-end graphics games, and people are fond of this game and spend hours of their daily time in it. You can also find many YouTubers (Gamers) who do live streams and earning a huge amount of money. 

It is different from the above games but is a part of online gaming as it cannot be played while being offline. 

Wrapping Up

That is our list for top online games that you can enjoy on Desktop via Browser, mobile applications on Android, Windows, and iOS, and even on gaming consoles like PS4 and Xbox Series. 

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