Instagram Stories: How to Use them in your Ad Campaigns

Are you looking for the best marketing tool? Do you want to make your Instagram marketing campaign successful? Here is the solution to your problem.

Read this article it will help you to learn how you can use Instagram stories in ad campaigns.

Add Tutorials to Advertise:

Instagram stories are the best place to advertise your brand. You can use it in different ways. You can make tutorials on Instagram stories and use this platform for marketing. Tutorials are small videos that tell people how to use different products; it gives the visual demonstration of different things. It depends on the brand that what they want to show to their audience via tutorials. Tutorials are the best way to create strong brand awareness among the audience. Moreover, Tutorials are highly interactive and engaging. Buy Instagram View, It allows people to know more about your business or brand.

Use UGC to Advertise

UGC or User-generated content is the most memorable content in contrast to brand-generated content or ads on Instagram. You can use User-generated content in Instagram stories and make it a part of your ad campaign. UGC is highly attractive because it truly explains the feelings of those individuals who have used your products like SMM Panel Instagram. Creating Instagram stories with UGC makes the ad campaign successful.

Capture Behind the Scenes and Use It for Advertising 

Beside UGC and tutorials, there is another excellent option i-e capturing behind the scenes. It is very pleasant and satisfying to bring your audience behind the scenes and show the work of employees. It makes your brand more humanize. As a result, people’s trust in your brand increases, and they start discussing more your brand. 

Using behind the scene images or videos in the Instagram stories keeps the story attractive and more engaging. It depends on you how you capture behind the scenes whether you keep it simple or make it marvelous. 

Create polls 

You can create polls in Instagram stories and use them in your ad campaign. It is an effortless way to build brand awareness among followers. Polls engage followers and sometimes help you in capturing some information that can be useful for future advertising strategies. Buy Instagram Comments, Many brands run polls through Instagram stories and encourage participants by giving “swipe up to finish” options. This converts their followers from Instagram followers to website subscribers. 

Make Special Announcements

If you want to make your presence in a follower’s mind, then use Instagram stories because it is the best way to engage a huge audience. Numerous people frequently watch Instagram stories. Therefore, you have a great option to make promotions or special announcements there. For example, many brands use Instagram stories for advertising black Friday offers or about giveaways there. It generates huge customers. The urgency feature of Instagram stories makes it the most popular platform for advertisement. 

Add Feedback to Customers

You can draw the audience’s attention towards your brand by adding feedback from your loyal customers in Instagram stories. There is another option for you; you can get feedback from customers via Instagram stories; you can run live question-answer sessions with customers. It increases their trust, and their ambiguities will be apparent. It is a fantastic way to build a strong posting in your customer’s mind because it will make them loyal to your brand. 

Make Time-Bound Deals 

As it was mentioned before that Instagram stories have an urgency factor so you can get full advantage of it. You can offer time-bound deals. You have the option to create some mini-promotions that can create urgency such as promotions it compels people to grab offers without delay. Many e-commerce companies promote their sales, discounts, etc. on Instagram stories. 


Instagram stories are the most popular stories among social media users. It fascinates them because they get their desired content there. If Instagram Stories are not engaging and interactive, your purpose of advertising will remain incomplete. So before using this platform for an ad campaign, you should post such content on Instagram stories, which make it eye-catching for the followers. The use of Instagram stories for advertisement is endless. You can use it by adding tutorials, polls, getting feedback from customers, offering time-bound deals, and make special announcements there. Instagram stories are desirable because they act as a free marketing tool. 

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