Interior Design Trends to Expect in 2020

2020 is just around the corner, and people couldn’t be more excited. They are enthusiastic about welcoming the new year with a bang! 

A new year is always the right time to make amends. Be it changing your wardrobe or adapting to a new lifestyle. Moreover, evolving with time can have a positive impact on life. The majority of people love following the latest trends and fashion in different segments. One of these segments is interior designing which has left a strong impression on people. People are now even more curious than before. They want to find out the latest interior designing trends to make their homes appealing and cozy at the same time. There are plenty of options to explore for some fashion inspiration and ideas.

So let’s not wait another minute and catch up with the top interior design trends to expect in 2020. 

1. A Perfect Blend of Nature and Class

 Nature and Class

Expectations are high for the right blend of green with more sustainable design. It will surely bring out the exquisite beauty of nature in a cozy way. Also, there are no adverse consequences, and people will incline towards keeping the decor light and airy. Natural materials like bamboo and seagrass are already in use for the production of modern furniture and other decor items. Open spaces with a touch of green will showcase a larger house and more fresh air to breathe in. It will be a more welcoming approach where nature will sustain the beauty of the environment. 

2. Carpet Flooring Trends:

carpet flooring

Yes, carpet flooring is back in action! People will be using it in many different settings. The styles, however, will differ with some slight alterations according to the furniture and wallpaper. Mostly, solid colors with warm tones will be the new beige in the market. It will display softness and style to the modern lifestyle. Other than that, carpets are best at absorbing sounds and work well for bedrooms. Carpet flooring can range from patterns to knitted styles, all according to personal tastes and preferences. 

3. Curtains

Almost every household has curtains installed, and this will continue in the future as well. Although there will be some changes to it. For instance, large curtains with soothing wavy textures will be trending more than the pale ones. French curtain patterns will be a luxurious option in 2020 with airy textile and elaborated folds. There are sites made to measure curtains with different fabrics like satin, tulle, moire, and sill as fabric. For more of a minimalist approach, roman curtain trends will be there in the market as well. It will be a fusion of elegance, conciseness, and solid lines into a single piece of fabric. However, a thick material along with special rods complete the look. 

4. Colors That Will Be Trending In the Future:

Various tones of sober and cheerful colors are predictable in 2020. Since the color trends keep on changing, one cannot pinpoint the next color that will be everyone’s pick. However, more emphasis will be on versatile yet straightforward shades in the future. 


Gray will surely make a comeback because of being a neutral tone. Combined with different styles and range of colors, it makes walls look great along with carpets and furniture decorations.


Pink has always been in trend and will be seen in 2020, as well. Pink in all shades gives a smooth and delicate touch to the interior design. It is mainly used to accessorize different places and for walls and furniture as well. The variations that will be trending in 2020 will be peach pink, pastel pink, and old rose. This color will show elegance and a hint of beauty to the home decor. 

Dark Green:

One of the dark colors that will be trending is shaded green. This shade will be used mostly in the upholstery of armchairs and chairs to give a subtle look. Other colors like cobalt blue, lilac, violet, and purple will also trend in 2020 for textiles and decorations. 

5. Interior Gardens:

interior gardens

2020 is all about engaging more and more with nature. It is why interior gardens will in the trend that will be here to stay. An indoor garden will work amazing as indoor decor. It will bring tranquility and do wonders as a space to relax for all of the family members. Interior gardens can be accessorized with armchairs or a little coffee table to make the place even more appealing.

6. Use of Metals:

Metals in all variants will be used significantly in home decorations. For people who like being edgy and aesthetic, oxidized steel, gold, and silver will come with full force. Now, these metals can provide different accessories like lamps, mirror frames, decorative ornaments, legs of a dining table, etc. Similarly, the use of metals in 2020 will bring luminosity and sophistication in the household. This trend can be easily paired up with any interior style, like classic, vintage, modern, minimalistic, and eclectic style. 


The interiors in 2020 will move towards an edge of glamor and simplicity at the same time. Walls will have a range of colorful paintings and interior. No matter which style to go for, the trends mentioned above should be visible soon.