Is it worth buying an expensive Huawei Band 6?

Fitness trackers are in the market for years and hence there are various brands launched to date. People have been following Huawei and Xiaomi very closely. The latest fitness tracker by Huawei has been launched at a price 60$.  It is being considered as an expensive fitness tracker as the competitors launched the latest versions at low prices. The interesting fact here is that it is offering more features than other competitors. In this blog, all the features of the Huawei band 6 will be reviewed.

Features of Huawei Band 6

Design and Display

The design is sleek and slim adding to the grace of your wrist. The outer body has a metal-like finish while the bottom gives a matte look. At the bottom, you will find sensors and POGO connectors. It has a button on the right side built for 2 purposes, i.e. back and power button. For a comfortable feel on the wrist, there is a rubber band. It is made of silicone.

Cons of the design are the fixed straps that you can not replace or change. 

The display available is AMOLED (1.45 inches). It doesn’t offer a higher resolution (194 × 368 pixels) but still, there is a good display and bright colors. The touchscreen is responsive.

Performance of the fitness tracker and Software

The software of the device is rated good by customers as it doesn’t lag often.  The interface is user-friendly and everything works best. Users can easily navigate between apps as the OS is pretty light. 

You may find a drop-down menu with options like sleep mode, sound mode, or screen timeout settings. 

When you press the right-side button, you will be navigated to the applications and features. You may run the health app on iOS or Androids. When you pair the watch with Android, you will enjoy all the notification, and music control features. You can turn on Bluetooth as the signal strength is significant. 

Overall, the performance is highly rated as it comes with efficient software. Cons in this subject included complications while app pairing. The process is so slow, but once you are done, the experience gets better.

Fitness Tracking Modes

Other than efficient performance and sleek design, considerable features include fitness and health monitoring features. There are eleven professional modes, while a total of ninety-six workout modes are featured. 

Here are some interesting working modes;

  • Indoor running
  • Outdoor running
  • Rope Skipping
  • Ball Games
  • Dancing Types

Navigate to workout mode and chose the one required. If you don’t find time to navigate, the sensors will detect and reset accordingly. 

There is a built-in TruSport Professional Exercise Algorithm that specializes in analyzing users’ training capabilities based on HR data, activity data, and other related aspects. 

You may get real-time results for HR and SpO2. Cons here indicate that HR predicted is a little inaccurate.

Battery Capacity

The company claims that this fitness tracker offers a 14-day battery life. While reviews suggest that it is around 10 days. It may take 1 hour to charge the tracker. 

Take Away!

The Huawei Band 6 is the best fitness tracker out in the market and you should buy it before the stock expires in your area. It is expensive but it is worth buying it. It serves you premium features and quality.

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