July 2020 Monthly Horoscope


According to the monthly horoscope, your liveliest influence comes from Jupiter and is focused on your social life, which will be especially rewarding.  

 Other trends emphasise finances, and if a certain amount of your socialising is related to events for charity fund-raising these  contrasting indications can be pleasurably blended.

   If you are investing to make changes to your own, or your family’s life-style, you can be confident that in due course this will lead to considerable happiness and satisfaction.

  You will, however, uncharacteristically tend to act prematurely, so give your natural intuition plenty of time to mature.  

 When brilliant ideas concerning your relationship, business or career spring to mind, aim to be logical if your natural tendency to worry bothers you.   

Your birthday month gets off to a beautiful start as the Cancer New Moon falls on the 1st.   Make plans and start any new project that excites or inspires you. 

  Then, with Venus working hard, you are likely to have a truly romantic and dreamy birthday – drop hints if your loved one is recalcitrant!  

 Remember that you will be looking terrific – either in the latest creation or some glorious vintage number.  


The time is right for recharging your batteries, and while for many this would mean lazing around doing little or nothing, but while you will enjoy cutting out from your regular routine from time to time, you will be shaping plans and developing them so that by the 22nd ,when the glorious Sun enters your sign, you will be ready for the off – whether that means embarking on a fun time, or starting something very important.   


If you are still involved with work after going-home time, it will be surprisingly stimulating, for the time is right for you to seek out new clients and (whatever your profession) generally experiment. Meetings will be fascinating and prove worthwhile.  This sphere of your life has been building gradually but very well in recent weeks.   Keep it that way – and aim to mix business with pleasure on the 1st, 15th  and when Mercury is really strong – after the 28th.   


 A relative, teacher or your boss will be full of good advice, and while you should not dismiss it out of hand, or on the other hand feel obliged to accept suggestions as the only possibility, much of it will be very sensible.  The best kind of advice is that on which to build your own opinions or decisions.   Think of all this is as a starting-point from which you make your own decisions or move forward with greater insight and confidence.   


If you are feeling claustrophobic or bored it’s for one of two reasons – either you are in need of a holiday or mental stimulation with a powerful element of challenge.   If you do something about this, you’ll either be refreshed from the enjoyment of a different land or seascape, or by mixing with like-minded people who are more experienced than you in any new challenge.   Time for action?  Go for it between the 7th and the 9th.


If you would like to make more money in a different or rather unusual way, thinking about it will be rather more happy speculation than practical reality.   When grabbed by these ideas, think carefully – then think carefully again, before you act, because the time really isn’t right for action of this sort.   The planets do however suggest that you keep persevering with well-tried investments while avoiding anything new, fancy or experimental!     


The accent is on you and your partner.    You will be giving him or her, a terrific amount of support and you’ll soon see that your efforts are well worthwhile.   This will be particularly noticeable if your other half has a compelling interest that doesn’t fascinate you.   If you make an extra effort to be interested, who knows, your involvement might grow – and if it doesn’t, rest assured the encouragement given to your darling will be inspiring.    


If you have even a slightly sensitive stomach you should be careful not to be self-indulgent and eat what may well be delicious food but could easily upset your system.   At present the chances are that you’re keeping to a very tight schedule and rather than a rich delicious dining experience snatching at anything, because of work pressures.   Make yourself relax with your simplest favourite ‘mother-used- to make-for-me’ dish and you’ll relax and feel much restored.   


By the 4th of July your mood will be positive and more than a little daring –  saying ‘enjoy yourself!’   Whether you’re going to lash out at the races or casino, or be particularly forward and bold should you meet someone ultra-attractive, the planets are pretty much on your side.   Some days are more promising than others for this kind of thing –  those highlighted are 1st , 4th  ,  15-th – 16th and the 29th – 30th  – so you’ve plenty of scope! Have fun! 


A breakdown in communication could cause minor problems which will loom large.   So the time is right to double check your mode of transport, mobiles and computers – especially if making arrangements for an outing with friends or family. Don’t leave anything to chance. You are most vulnerable on the 5th – 6th and the 15th .   Apart from all that, you’ll have the opportunity to make a little extra cash – probably because you naturally have a very enterprising spirit!   


The time couldn’t be better for you to catch up with old friends or relatives who you’ve not seen for ages.   Your contact with them will be well received, and if you can invite them to your favourite restaurant (or one of your own slap-up glorious meals) you will all have a great time – even if, by chance there’s been something in the past to be forgotten – forever? If distance is a problem, there’s always lovely Skype!  


With Mars nicely settled into a journey through your sign the pace of your life is steadily increasing.   Keeping busy (with your favourite occupations) is definitely your thing. In your haste, however, don’t become careless when driving, cooking or doing anything at all risky – especially demanding sport and exercise.   You need to be really careful on the 5th, 9th and the 17th ;   and when Venus visits – on the  21st and the 24th you’ll make time for love –won’t you?     

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