Languages to learn if you are in the UK

Planning to learn a new language while in the UK but not sure which one to go for? We have curated a list of most popular languages currently being studied in the UK. 


The official language of China, Mandarin has become quite popular in the UK these days. It is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world with 14% of the world’s population. In the coming years, the demand for Mandarin speakers will increase as China is all set to nudge the United States out of being the top world power in terms of finance. Mandarin has also become the second most popular online language.   


Being an official language of 20 countries, Spanish is the most widely spoken language in the world with 405 million native speakers. Half of the British employers consider it quite useful for their employees to know this language. 


Despite its drooping importance, Arabic is the 6th widely spoken language globally. It is also an official language of many fast-growing countries in the Middle East and Africa. If we see from the business perspective, Arabic will play an important role in the coming days with the increase in trade business between Gulf countries and the UK. 


French is the best language to learn while you are in the UK with 54 percent of employers stating that this language is useful for their businesses. It is the second most extensively spoken and learned a foreign language after English. Apart from that French is the fifth widely spoken language in the world. Amidst the world’s largest economies or countries, many companies highly value Francophones and offer great remuneration as per their language skills. As an official and working language of the UN and many other organizations, fluency in the French language would be an essential skill to have for those looking for a job in international relations. 


After English and French, German is the third most useful language to learn. Around 50 percent of employers across the United Kingdom says that an employee with mastery in German will be good for their business across Europe. Another fascinating fact to note is that 13 Nobel Prize winners in literature are German-speaking.

Also, there are around half a dozen countries with German as their official languages: Germany, Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, and Luxembourg. 

So, which of the aforementioned language are you planning to learn? Also, get a grip on the local speaking language with English classes in London.

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