Lighting Solutions that Will Change Your Coworking Space

When designing an office space, the majority of people focus mostly on the color scheme, layout, and style. However, many of them tend to forget about one very important part of the design – lighting. Lighting plays a huge role in office design. What this means is that, if you fail to do it properly, you’ll end up with a space that’s anything but comfortable to work in. 

With that in mind, let’s see how implementing the right lighting solutions can change the atmosphere in your coworking space, and bring more motivation and productivity into your office.

Lighting and ergonomics

As mentioned earlier, proper lighting plays a huge role in office design. Since it contributes to visual perception and can affect the way your employees feel, it’s very important that you approach this matter the right way. To boost visual perception in a room, you’ll need to install opulent overhead lighting. If your office is particularly large, make sure you install enough overhead lighting solutions. When it comes to ergonomics, you need to ensure that your employees have enough task lighting to make doing their job easier. Of course, make sure that no light is shining directly in someone’s eyes, as that is quite uncomfortable and can seriously hinder their productivity.

Daylight and artificial lighting

Daylight and artificial lighting

Having plenty of daylight in the office is proven to have positive effects on employees. Windows, of course, play a key role in this. The more windows you can afford to implement the brighter your office space will be. However, make sure you install proper window treatments that allow enough natural light to penetrate the office without it being too overpowering and uncomfortable. On the other hand, if there’s no way you can boost natural lighting in your office – or even if you can – you’ll still need to install the right artificial lighting as well. LED lights have been showcasing the best results, but more on that later.

Why go with LEDs?

LED lighting solutions are excellent at mimicking natural light. As such, they make the perfect choice for any office setting. Moreover, they are excellent at reducing energy waste some other types of lights generate a lot. Due to the fact that LED bulbs can also last up to 25x longer, this solution has proven to be very successful for long-term energy saving. That’s why, when looking for the right lighting for your office, you should consult with a leading company for LED lighting solutions and have them choose the best possible system for your office space. 

Can there be too much light?

lighting. Spaces in office

The short answer is yes, of course! There can, in fact, be too much lighting. Spaces that are too bright are almost as equally uncomfortable to work in as spaces that don’t have enough illumination. So, to avoid tiredness in the office make sure you have just the right amount of illumination. Illumination is measured in Lux (lx). Around 500 lx is stated as the minimum requirement for areas with computers, whereas anywhere between 500 and 1000 lx is considered the most comfortable illuminance. Furthermore, you can also choose between warm white, neutral white, and bright white, where neutral white is best suited for already bright spaces. 

Mind the glare

Glare is another thing you’ll need to pay attention to. If you have too much glare in your office, it can cause significant discomfort and prevent your employees from being comfortable and productive. So, this is another reason you should go with LED lights in your office space. These contain an anti-glare prismatic diffuser which makes them the perfect choice.  

Other considerations


In the end, the color of your office walls, floors, and even furniture will also affect the brightness of your office space. For instance, no matter how well you tackle lighting positioning or layout, if your office walls are too dark, there simply won’t be enough light in your office space. Dark furniture can also make the space feel dark and gloomy, which is another thing to keep in mind. Light furniture poses as the best choice. However, for some additional pizzazz, you can even choose to go with see-through furniture and implement other interesting work office décor. 

When choosing the right type of lighting solutions and layout for your office space, make sure you keep all of these points in mind. See to it that your office is filled with natural light as much as possible and use artificial lights to boost the brightness. Also, ensure that your office is not too bright and glairy to make it a comfortable environment for your employees. Gloomy and poorly-lit spaces make people feel unmotivated and sleepy which is certainly something you wish to avoid in your office space. So, do your research, consult with experts, and come up with the best possible lighting solution for your coworking space.

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