Looking for a Healthy Neighborhood? Here’s What to Look for

Lifestyle diseases are on a worrying high in the current world. Obesity, cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disease cases have rocketed dramatically over the past few years. This is primarily due to how we live our lives. People hardly walk anywhere, food is delivered ready to eat at your doorstep, and we spend a massive chunk of our time on the screens. This is partly due to the places where people live. The spaces do not encourage healthy activities like walking around or growing your food. To stop this alarming trend, here are some features that indicate a healthy neighborhood.

ome features that indicate a healthy neighborhood.


What is the distance to your essential services? Necessarily, amenities that you need frequently should be within walking distance. For example, if the school is within a short distance, it encourages you to walk rather than use the school bus. That way, you can put some workout in through walking. Access to public transport also determines how healthy the neighborhood is. This is because, with public transport, you often have to walk to the bus or subway stations. That way, your level of activity stays high. When buying a home on Movoto.com, also check for the availability of bike lanes or pedestrian walkways. Such provisions encourage people in the neighborhood to cycle or walk, which is healthy for you.

Availability of Green Spaces

Green spaces encourage you to get out and explore nature or even walk your dog. Walks are more impressive when you can get some fresh air and enjoy some lush green vegetation instead of blocks and blocks of buildings. This helps to reduce your screen time significantly and motivates you to be active. Additionally, green spaces also reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, which is also a plus to your health.

Greenery, such as tree canopies, cools the environment. This means your HVAC system will work less hard in ensuring cold temperatures. Trees also provide shade, which reduces the sun’s intensity as you carry out your outdoor activities.

Amount of Traffic

Neighborhoods with high and fast traffic are improper areas for living. High traffic increases the number of carbon gases in the environment, which affects the quality of the air you breathe. Both the volume and speed of traffic also affect the noise levels in the neighborhood. You can hardly get any sleep due to the movement and hooting of cars. Sleep is essential for a healthy life as we all need rest. More traffic also increases the number of traffic jams in your area. Thus, you find that you have to spend more time on a commute that could take less time. Such factors cause your stress levels to escalate, which could also cause mental health problems.

Look for Sports courts, parks, playgrounds.

If you are looking to live healthily, then you better look for houses that promote that. Look for neighborhoods that provide for active living through the provision of spaces like play areas. Communities that incorporate basketball courts, swimming pools, tennis courts, fitness areas, are an indicator of a healthy neighborhood. One of the common reasons why people stay inactive is the lack of provision of activity spaces. With a fitness center in your area, you do not have to drive miles to get to the gym. Children are also free to flock the parks and run around. This improves the quality of life considerably.

Access to Healthy Food

Is there a farmer’s market nearby? Can you grow your food? These are important factors to consider when buying your home. When you can access food grown locally, it reduces your intake of readymade fast foods. When you can access fresh groceries daily, you are motivated to cook most times. The food you prepare at home has less added sugar and harmful fats that are detrimental to your health. Some homes have a roof garden where you can grow your food on your roof. That way, you can control whatever chemicals go into your diet. Such is a healthy lifestyle.

Community Association Meeting

Neighborhood association meetings are an excellent way to get some insight into the community you are about to join. Find out whether they are discussing activities and enhancements like reducing traffic congestion, construction of walkways, or other activities that ensure a healthier environment. Such neighbors give you a clue that the neighborhood is committed to improving their lives and implementing functional upgrades to the area. You can also check for groups such as biking groups, morning run groups, or even vegans. Such people will encourage you to keep up a healthy lifestyle. This will provide the perfect fit home for you.

Listings are tough to go through. It becomes even tougher when you are looking for a healthy home. To make it easier, find a realtor, architect, or any other professional who is up to date with excellent living standards. You should never compromise on living in a healthy neighborhood as that defines your lifestyle and health.

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