Make Friends With Sleep With These Simple Ideas

One of the most common issues that people face today is sleeplessness. Lack of sleep can lead to so many health issues such as weight gain, poor metabolism, poor emotional quotient, poor memory, decreased attention span, and many others. Therefore, proper sleep is one of the most important requirements. If you are looking to establish a sleeping routine, here are some tips for you to convert your space into a great sleeping area: 

Get Sleep Friendly

The first step towards getting good sleep is creating an atmosphere that is great for sleeping. You need not have to renovate the entire house. But just make a few changes to your bedroom. Get a good mattress, comfortable pillows, and sheets that will aid you in going to sleep. Apart from this, you could try the following tips.

Clean up Your Room

Remove all the clutter from your room and make sure that your room is clean and tidy. Change the pillow covers, sheets, and fluff up the pillows. You could also go for a mattress protector that covers your bed and protects your bed from accumulating dust and mites. Ensure that you only sleep on your bed and not engage in work or do any other jobs on the bed.

Create a Noise-free Environment

It is very important to reduce the amount of noise in the bedroom. The sounds which we hear during the day can be very loud and bothersome at night. Sometimes these noises might not wake us up fully. But then it can affect our sleep and disturb our sleeping cycle. 

One of the common noises we hear is the constant hum of the ceiling fan. They are one of the most bothersome noises we try to ignore. Similarly, there could be many other devices or sources of noise around our bedroom. We need to ensure that we pay attention to them and reduce the noise so that they do not affect your sleep. 

Keep it Dark

Most of the modern bedroom accessories help to give your room good lighting. The LED lights, laptops, mobiles, and television sets are constant sources of light and they are all present in our bedroom. Exposing ourselves to these for a long period of time could lead to poor quality of sleep.

What happens when we expose ourselves to too much light, is that our body does not understand it is night time yet and therefore does not allow our mind to rest. Melatonin is responsible for ensuring that our body clock remains regulated and they are more during the day when we are active and it is less at night when we go to sleep. This cycle gets affected due to exposure to lights at night. 

Cool Room

Reduce the temperature in the room where you are sleeping. It is estimated that cool temperatures lead to better sleep. This also plays an important role in determining how long and how comfortably we sleep. Therefore, lower temperatures can come in handy when you want to train your body to sleep at a particular time. 

Create a Routine

Sleeping is not just about hitting the bed and dozing off. Create a routine around your sleeping such as turning off the lights, putting the smartphones and laptops away, and reduce the temperature in the bedroom to create an atmosphere that allows you to hit snooze.

Comfortable Bed

Apart from the considerations around the surroundings, your bed you sleep plays an important role. Make sure that your mattress is not more than ten years old. Generally, a mattress lasts ten years. Experts from Wakefit suggest if you have a mattress that gets dusty very easily you can go for one of the best mattress protectors, so that you can remove the protector and wash it separately as and when needed. It is estimated that people spend a third of their life sleeping. Check out mattress online to get some quality sleep.


In case you are thinking your bedroom colour is not a major part, think again. The colour of your bedroom might play an important role in determining your sleep. Do not go for stimulating colours such as red and yellow. Try some shades like gree, silver or blue, which are calming shades.

Taking small steps every day can lead to making a great difference in your life. Therefore get started with these tips as early as possible to get into a routine. Most of the things do not involve a lot of expenditure but a little bit of lifestyle and habit changes. You can start by implementing small changes and gradually move forward. In case you have trouble falling asleep for a very long period of time, you can see a sleep doctor who will assess how you sleep and make suggestions accordingly.

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