Managing Type 2 Diabetes With Creatine to Prevent Complications

Various bodybuilding supplements are available. One of the most popular is creatine. A type of amino acid, it supplies the muscles with energy, helping them grow bigger and stronger.

While extremely beneficial for those who are into bodybuilding, the supplement is also helpful for other people. Unfortunately, not too many people are aware of this.

Individuals diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes can benefit from creatine, especially if the product’s intake has a doctor’s consent. Its regular consumption, coupled with healthy eating and lifestyle, can work wonders for diabetes.

Incurable Yet Manageable

There is no known cure for Type 2 diabetes, a metabolic disease characterised by too much glucose or sugar in the bloodstream. However, doctors confirm that it is controllable. Type 2 diabetes, in some instances, may also go into remission.

One needs to carry out some dietary and lifestyle changes to manage Type 2 diabetes effectively. For instance, the diet should consist of nutritious foods that are low in calories and fat. Being physically active and keeping excess weight at bay is also important.

The intake of supplements, particularly those that help promote a healthy pancreas and regulate the blood glucose levels, may also be beneficial for people with Type 2 diabetes. Some common examples are bitter melon, cinnamon, ginger, and aloe vera. Another one is creatine, which is a popular supplement among bodybuilders and fitness aficionados alike.

A Common Type of Diabetes

Health authorities confirm that there are three main types of diabetes. They are Type 1 diabetes, Type 2 diabetes, and gestational diabetes. Of these, Type 2 diabetes is the most common form. 

While a parent may pass Type 2 diabetes to an offspring, it may also be the result of having an unhealthy diet and lifestyle.

For instance, being fond of foods that are high in sugar may cause insulin resistance, leading to Type 2 diabetes. It is why food products and supplements low in sugar, such as creatine, need welcoming into the everyday diet of a person with diabetes.

Serious Complications Galore

The problem with Type 2 diabetes is that, if not controlled properly, all kinds of health complications may come sooner or later. Many of these complications can be quite dangerous, and some of them may lead to death.

Heart disease and kidney failure are some of the most serious Type 2 diabetes complications. Others include nerve damage, blindness, skin infections, and lower limb amputation.

Sticking to a low-sugar diet is of utmost importance for anyone who has the disease. The regular intake of creatine is a great idea as it is naturally low in sugar. It is also extremely filling, which can help save a person with diabetes from craving sugary foods.


Although incurable, it is possible to control Type 2 diabetes. Keeping one’s blood glucose levels in check by supplementing with creatine may keep complications at bay.

Following a doctor’s treatment plan is vital. Such usually consists of the right diet and lifestyle. While many supplements are effective for controlling blood glucose levels, one must not take any of them without first consulting a doctor.

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