Vivid and Colourful Market of Africa

Africa is home to some of the most amazing landscape, cultures, people, tradition, wildlife and other significant things to do and see. The second biggest continent of the planet earth is one of the most beautiful places to enjoy your time. You can travel here for business, pleasure, vacations, sightseeing, and wildlife sighting, and the best thing of all, shopping. There are amazing bazars and marketplaces all over the vibrant cities of Africa, and you can always find a unique item as a gift, food, or anything else that you need.

Africa – A continent rich in culture and traditions

This continent has seen a lot of conflict in the past, and some parts of it are still going through a lot. However, the good side of it cannot be resisted either, and we all should know it with the good one. It has some of the most exotic animals, river systems, mountains, savannah, culturally rich cities, beautiful people, and some of the best bazars. If you research a bit about this continent, it has everything to attract your wildest thoughts and make it your next travel destination.

So if you are convinced, then we recommend you to take a unique tour of this continent and visit its pure and beautiful cultural cities, and all their colourful markets, even if you don’t want to buy any stuff from there. Plan a trip to Africa and enjoy what this continent and its 54 amazing countries have in store for you.

Wildcard travelling tip

Africa is a vast continent, but due to internal conflicts of the past people misunderstood it a lot. However, we assure you all that it is a safe place to go and get the best of it. Their markets are absolutely wonderful places to explore and shop gifts, souvenirs, and your desired items. So there is no stopping anyone from going there. However, with the help of the travel blog, you can easily learn about different places and what to do and see there. This blog can guide you which markets are the best, along with different places of attractions, and landmarks. You can also learn about different aspects of travel on this blog.

Most colourful markets in Africa

Following is a list of bazars, or marketplaces of this vibrant continent of Africa. Make sure you visit as many as you can in your African trip. So read this article and enjoy.

Nima Market – Accra, Ghana

As we have already recommended a flight to Accra, Ghana; we also recommend you to visit Nima Market. This place is one of the biggest markets in Africa and Ghana, and surely a must-visit for everyone. Here you can find some not only different items on sale but also food stalls and restaurants for your refreshment. It is basically a vendor bazaar on the side of the road, but it is known as the Nima market due to its significance in Accra.

Makola Market – Accra, Ghana

Located in the shopping district of Accra, Makola is a major bazar in Accra, Ghana. You can find a wide range of items that are sold there and in the surrounding streets. From different vehicle parts to small screws and colourful water tanks, you can practically find anything. Other items that you can find here are food items, clothes, imported stuff, tools, sports goods, medicines, pots, utensils and much more. You can also find handcrafted jewellery and other amazing items as well. It is certainly a place to visit the shop or explore.

Victoria Street Market – Durban, South Africa

Victoria Street Market is one of the most vibrant and visited markets of South Africa. For people who love barbecues, beach wandering and other amazing activities, they should always come here and enjoy their time of relaxation. This place is also near to the Moses Mabhida Stadium and Golden Mile, so if there is an event, function, or even a game, this place is all lighted up, and everything seems so beautiful. You can do shopping here, enjoy your food, or even spend some time window shopping and taking some amazing pictures. With a high Indian immigrant’s presence in Durban, you can expect some oriental and Indian food in this market.

Neighbourgoods Market – Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town is a popular tourist destination in South Africa. It has an amazing beach and a mountain range that complements the city’s beauty. There is so much to do in this place that you can always lose yourself easily. But one of the best things to do this city offers everyone is its Neighbourgoods market. The nightlife is already a thing to talk about in Cape Town, but the shopping market is another thing that attracts millions to this city all around the year. Known as Cape Town’s exquisite gourmet market, Neighbourgoods Market has become the place to buy other goods too. You can also experience some other events there too such as concerts, special festivals and much more.

Djemaa El-Fnaa – Marrakech, Morocco

The fourth-largest city in Morocco receives a lot of tourists each year. This vibrant place has an equally colourful market known as Djemaa El-Fnaa, which compliments the city itself. The locality of this market is in an old reserved town, and different neighbourhoods surround it. All the African essentials are present in this market, and you can easily purchase any valuable item, souvenir, gift, food item, or any other thing that you require. You can also visit the famous “Hoople” and “Halqa” street theatre and enjoy a show. There are also other performers in this place such as tattoo artists, snake charmers, musicians, and other amazing things to see and experience.

Daranjani Market – Stone Town, Zanzibar

Daranjani Market is located in the ancient city of Stone Town, Zanzibar. Just like its name, this town is mostly preserved in this ancient beauty and you can experience conserved African culture there.

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