Matching a broker as per your investment needs

To ensure that you have a successful investment career the choice of a right broker is the key. In fact there are a series of steps on how you can go on to choose the best. The main requirement when you are planning to trade is to have a trading account. Most people are of the opinion that all brokers are the same and there is no difference exists between them. To locate the right type of broker is not an easy task as there does exist a lot of difference among them. The best approach to choose a broker is to prepare a list of facilities that you are expecting from them.


Figure out the commission and the associate costs that the brokers end up charging. At the same time do not stress on this point a lot. Keep in mind the kind of facilities on offer. There are a couple of brokerage plans with every broker, one is the intra -day traders and the other one goes on to suit the long term investors

Minimum trades

There could be a clause or a sub-clause in terms of minimum trading. If you are not able to comply with them you end paying a hefty charge. In some cases, banks go on to provide you with a 3- 1  account and for that to be operational banks clearly go on to specify some rules.

Mutual funds in combination with other trading options

Sometimes you might think of buying and selling mutual funds through your brokerage account. You need to explore the funds that the brokerage company has gone on the link up with. In case if you are planning to invest in ETFS  just check out whether the brokerage firm goes on to provide it. Do keep one eye on the cost of services that are provided. The discount brokers are not going to provide you with such facilities but the full-time brokers would. There are some full-time brokers that would even help you with asset allocation.

The full-service brokers go on to provide full research services. Customer service is a vital cog in the wheel as far as the choice of brokers is concerned. Flip through the reviews and decide what are the services you expect from a broker.

There is two major types of brokers, the full-time broker, and the discount broker. Both differ in the level of services they go on to provide. In the case of the former, they go on to provide a full range of services as they operate your account. For the kind of services, they go on to provide they charge you with a hefty commission. There are other criteria of brokers referred to as the best discount broker in India. They just provide you with a platform of trading and they charge merely a commission of each trade. This is a type of stockbroker that is expected to bear dividends once you have a reasonable degree of experience in the stock market.

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